Getting old files after changing HDD & mobo

Hi all.

My socket 939 mobo went out a few days ago. I decided to upgrade to an E8500 system, P45 board and 4 gigs of ram. My old system ran XP 32 bit.

Since I'm changing most things anyway, I'm going to probably upgrade to Vista 64 bit (or maybe dual boot, if need be).

I had 2 160gig IDE HDDs on my comp when it died. One has the OS, my apps, and my documents. The other basically has all of my media files.

I'm getting a new 640gig WD Caviar Black along with my other parts. This will be my Vista boot drive.

My question is, will I be able to access my old files, on the old HDDs, after I install Vista on the new HDD?

I don't care too much about the apps, though if I could get some of the files for those, that would be great. My real concern is the files (mainly word docs and pdfs) that were in the My Documents folder on my old C: Drive, and the media files on my old D: drive (mainly my .mp3s and my digital photos, with a couple of ripped movies).

So, what will I need to do to ensure that i'll be able to access those files in vista?

Any help is appreciated.
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  1. Copy everything you want over to the "d" drive you have now, install the new drive by itself, no other hard drives attached, install Vista onto it. After the install, plug in the drive with your data.
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