which guide do I need to overclock my AMD dual core fx-60?

which guide do I need to overclock my AMD dual core fx-60?

I am trying to find a guide but I cant find a specific one for an AMD dual core processor, can i just use the :

"HOWTO: Overclock C2Q (Quads) and C2D (Duals) - Guide v1.6.1"

which are about intel CPUs?

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  1. The FX60s multiplier is unlocked so you can OC her by raising the multiplier and increasing Vcore voltage.

    I have a single core FX57, and a dual core FX60, both of those CPUs could be raised 1 multi level on stock voltage, yours may or may not, not all hardware is the same so some testing is in your future to find your sweet spots.

    You have to keep it cool but I've successfully OCd mine to 3G on air thats a 400mhz increase from stock settings going from a 13x multi to a 15x multi.

    If I have your interest post your specs, M/B, Memory, CPU Cooler Etc.

    The advantage of an unlocked multiplier is everything else stays at its spec settings so once you get a stable OC its pretty much rock solid as long as you keep it cool.

    You want to use enough Vcore voltage to get the FX60 stable but no more than you need to, so your heat produced from the extra voltage is no more than it has to be.

    When raising a AMD multiplier past default you need to keep the FSB and HT in spec, or it will crash everytime.
  2. Dug through my FX60 OCing notes, mine was able to run a 15X mulitplier rock solid @ 1.450V-core @33c idle temp, you'll need to test your own limitations but that setting was rock solid for mine.
  3. Hi, thanks for your interest.

    My specs are:

    A8N32 SLI Mobo
    Mushkin 4 x 1GB HP3200 400Mhz Ram
    Nvidia 8800 GTX
    My case is Thermal TAKE CASE ARMOR+ VH600LBWS BLACK with liquid cooling

    I have never overclocked before and do not really know how, I dont really know what the multiplier is and why if its unlocked its better. I was trying to find an amd dual core specific overclocking guide. Thanks for your help

  4. Over time I've found a few different sources on overclocking with the A64 architecture. None of them are great but there are a few good ones; each seems to focus on one topic more then another and present the material in a slightly different way. I've found that reading each of the slightly different takes helps to clarify the overall picture. Here are a few decent ones to start with:


    Those should help to get you started. Remember google is your friend - look for overclocking on you're mobo for examples that will be more inline with your setup.

    Good luck!
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