Dual Monitor with 8800 GTS 640

I finally got my two flat panel monitors, and when I went to hook them up, I can get one on either side to work, but I cannot get them to both work.

So I first checked to see if they both would work, and I can get them to do that no problem. Right side works, and left side works, both monitors check out perfect when using one monitor at a time. I made sure that the ports were good, no problems there.

The monitors I purchased were a pair of Dell Ultra Sharp 1907FP Flat Panels with Height Adjustable Stand,19.0 Inch non-wide screen

I can get to the screen to adjust all the sizes and then there are two choices for the monitors.

One choice is to clone the desk top so they both will have the same thing. Tried that and the computer ended up hanging.

Then I tried the way I want it to work which is both are independent of each other, and you can move a program or anything over that you want to on the other screen. Either way I cannot get both monitors to work simultaneously without the computer hanging up on me.

Does anyone know any way to go around this?

Everything with both of the monitors work. I have been using one monitor flawlessly for quite some time. Then I bought a matching pair of Dells.

Just let me know if you know of anything to try. It just locks up every time I try and switch. I have both monitors plugged into the DVI ports on the video card. They both work when I switch from one side to the other. Just not both at the same time.

Thanks for any advice with this problem!
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  1. Have U tried Using Nvidia Control Panel??

    Start Nvidia Control panel
    Go under Display/Set Up multiple Displays
    Ive never tried it myself... but its another way i guess
  2. I've got two displays working with an old 7900GTX. One's a 24 inch wide screen and the other is a 19 inch 4x3 flat panel. The 7900GTX has dual DVI out but only one monitor worked until I used the Nvidia control panel to enable dual display and set them up. I've got each running a different resolution and I can run separate apps on each. You have to designate one display as your primary, and that one will have the task bar at the bottom and you start your apps from that one.

    I can drag the apps from one screen to the other, and they change resolution with no problem.
  3. Yeah, I have tried in the Nvidia Control Panel. But, I will try again and see if I can set one up as primary.
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