First gaming build , Thoughts and suggestions.

Im planning on buying a new pc , which will be used for gaming only.
I plan on OC'ing both the cpu and gpu and the budget is about ~1250$ (im not the US so prices may vary)
here are the components I chose so far:

Intel Q6600
Gigabyte P35-DS3L
Super Talent DDR2 800 CL5 2x2GB (searching for something else)
Zotac GeForce 8800GTS 512MB
Western Digital WD1600YS
Sony AD7200A X20 DVD
which in comes at around ~1100$

As you can see I havent picked the PSU, cooling or the case yet , and im hoping you can help me with that.
about the case , I need pure functionality , im not intrested in looks.
Thanks in advance!
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  1. please?
  2. case - coolermaster cm690/antec 900 (both are great for cooling)...

    PSU - look here...

    mobo - good pick, IMO

    CPU - E8400 - +/- 3.6ghz on stock volts, HSF, and 4ghz regularly on more advanced cooling, plus it has a larger cache, though the 6600 is more futureproofed... take the Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro / Zalman CNPS9700LED as a cooler...

    GPU - i wil go out on a limb here and advise you take EVGA, and use their step up program to upgrade to the 9800... if it comes out in 3 months, that is... but if you like the bundle of Zotac, then why not?

    Ram... never heard of them; ask someone else - i am no ram guru

    everything else looks good - it's my ideal system ^^
    OK, here's a good case for you, unfortunately Newegg does not ship outside of the US. You can use the link to check the case out and read the reviews, though. You can add up to four more 120mm fans, and an 80mm behind the motherboard as well.

    For the PSU I would go for the Corsair HX520 or the VX550:
    Not sure if ships outside of the US either :(.

    Then just choose a few more good quiet fans for the case and you're good to go. :sol:
  4. Ah, it appears amd_fanboi and I think alike (at least on the case). ;) :D
  5. oh yeah, try using ebuyer - i find them to be pretty cheap... not sure about yoyotech, though
  6. Hmm the case costs way more than i planned...
    ill search more for cases , but the main thing im looking for is lots of fans right?

    PSU's I thought about: (I think 500W is about right for my needs, again correct me if im wrong)
    OCZ StealthXStream 500W
    Cooler Master eXtreme Power 500W
    Thermaltake TR2 500W

    Im in no rush and i think ill wait so lets take it out of the equation.

    Id like a second opinion about the ram I chose , I forgot to mention its CL5

    As this rig is strictly gaming , I think its more important to have a GPU cooler.(I think)
    anyway, what coolers are you suggesting for both GPU (Again, more important , I think) and CPU?
  7. the stock on the GTS ought to be sufficient, IMO...

    but if you're going to OC both of them,i don't know if you'll be able to handle the power under load... try at least the Corsair HX620
  8. Are you sure 500W is insufficient for that build?
    still waiting for opinion on ram , cooling and case.

    Just read that the memory is useless at overclocking , so im looking for something else.
  9. help on case cooling and ram!
  10. I've had good luck with Patriot and OCZ ram.

    as for case cooling, 3 basic schools of thought.
    1. add more fans and get a fan controler to turn em down.
    2. open up the side when your gaming.
    3. water cool the hot stuff, that puts the heat outside the case.

    GPU, no sense waiting for the 9800s, they will just be lower power versions of the 8800s

    I'd get dual core, not quad for games.

    In the past, I've found gigsbit to be overpriced for what you get, haven't looked recently
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