Is it OK to use Spinrite on SINGLE drive in damaged RAID 0 array?

Hello, I was very recently a victim of what appears to be a very severe Raid 0 failure. I have two fairly new Maxtor 500 gb drives, and one of them periodically failing to be recognized in the system BIOS upon shutting down and rebooting my machine the next day. Mind you, I never EVER reboot my system, but one night I decided to power it down (which it did successfully), only to wake up to my system hanging during post.

Ok, so now fast forward to now. I believe part of my issue may have been due to the Maxtor/ Seagate firmware bug in which the BSY bit on the harddrives gets flagged and makes the drive (though healthy) inaccessable to the MB (the infamous diamond max 7200.11 issue). However, only one of my drives (though they're both identical) was affected. Despite this, I was able to successfully flash the 'affected' drive with the new firmware, and now the drive is always detected in the bios and all the way through into windows. The MB's onboard NVRAID monitor detects the array as healthy. The Raid configuration/data, is unreadable in windows, though.

Still I have a problem with the affected drive. I try to run the MaxBlast DOS software on the affected drive by itself and run a Long Test and put it through its paces. But it 'appears' it has nearly 100 bad sectors. Not sure if this is a fault of the hardware or flashing or both. But I need to recover this data and I do not have the ample funds for professional services. The Maxtor software identifies these sectors and then asks me if I want to repair them. It successfully repaired like the first 30, but once it skipped to a certain block the system just hung and never unfroze. I rebooted and tried repairing again to no avail.

So now I've purchased Spinrite, in the hopes that it might/will perform a miracle on this drive. My only question is, I've tried to run spinrite with both drives installed in regular RAID config with the MB Raid controller turned on, and it appeared to find a partition, but it wouldn't let me do anything on it since it said it was an invalid size. Is it OK to run a level 2 or 4 scan in Spinrite on JUST the sole affected drive from a Raid 0 config? I've read up on this but I'm still confused on whether it's safe and won't potentially break the array. Ideally I'd like to run a level 4 on JUST that drive to see if it can repair those damaged sectors, but I'd like to ask first if its 100 percent safe to do on a Raid 0 array with drives seperated.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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  1. Hello,

    I have a similar situation to yours with a bad 2 drive raid 0. Was wondering what you ended up doing.

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