Slipstreaming with relative paths

Breaking my head here. It concerns a win xp pro installation.

I want windows on "C" and the folders "program files" and "documents and settings" have to be on the second partition "D"

I can make it work with absolute paths but is it even possible to use relative paths ?

The big problem with absolute path is:

you start up, boot get into the partition making part of win xp. You make C and D. You click "C" where you want to install windows....
1 huge flaw here is that "D" does NOT get a NTFS defrag... D does not even exist yet => but I already need it for the xp installation cause I told win xp installation to install both folders on "D"

So 2 possible solutions:

Or someone can help me with the absolute paths problem so I can somehow make and use C AND D from fresh install boot from cd.

or someone got the solution with relative paths, so I dont have this problem anymore with "D" not being usable in the installation. and that xp just takes the partition where windows is NOT installed on and installs on that other partition the 2 folders ( program files and documents and settings that I wanted on a seperate partition )

I hope peeps can understand me a bit , cause my head is exploding :P

Thx a lot in advance :)
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  1. The easiest way at this point is to create and format the C and D partitions (make both Primary and set to Active) on the target HDD in another computer, then install it into the new computer and install windows to the 1st partition. Or re-do your installation CD, and partition the HDD after you install windows - then set the paths for programs and My Documents to the new D partition.
  2. thank you for the reply but I got it done much easier. I done slipstreaming that he auto does the paths like I want ( so sep folders on D ) with absolute paths.

    And I installed xp once then changed cluster size to 32kb on the rootdrive and it worked like a charm ^^

    But yeah you need to format C and D with some bootable partition software that is the only disadvantage I could find
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