How to test individual drives in RAID array

Is there any way to test the individual drives in a RAID 1 array?

I am using Intel Matrix Storage Manager with Windows XP SP2 on an Asus P5Q Deluxe motherboard. The two drives are Western Digital 640 Gb SATA drives, but WD's test utility doesn't work on drives in a RAID array. Photoshop CS3 has been reporting disk errors on images opened from the array, though IMSM reports the status of both volumes as normal. Is there any way to perform a second, thorough check to see which (if either) HD is causing the problems?

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  1. > Is there any way to test the individual drives in a RAID 1 array?

    The controller needs to come with system software which will perform
    that function. For example, the Promise TX4310 comes with system
    software that features a "Media Patrol" which checks each spindle
    separately in real-time, while the RAID array is active:
    (note that Media Patrol is not even mentioned in Newegg's specs)

    So, you need to know what to ask for, before you buy:

    See: "Web Based Promise Array Manager (WebPAM)"

    That WebPAM software helped us isolate a faulty HDD
    that was new from the factory.

    Summary: contact the controller manufacturer(s) first,
    and ask if their products come with such system software.

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