Just found this review of the 9600GT. It's looking better than I thought!
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  1. Hm... if this is true, it may drive down the price of other cards, too (I'm talking about you, 3850 and 3870!), though either of the cards seem to be a good choice.... It may be a good time for me to concider an upgrade from my x1900xt....
  2. If the 9600GT is really that fast (and I'm inclined to believe it is) then AMD is in real trouble. They have been in dire need of an architecture update ever since R600. Most likely the 9600 will encounter the same price gouging issues that the 8800GT faced on its release, but eventually AMD will have to lower prices on the 3800 series to remain competitive.
  3. homerdog said:
    ....eventually AMD will have to lower prices on the 3800 series to remain competitive.

    And competition is always good for the consumer :D.
  4. There's one on ebay (I know, dodgy, but only place I could find one - up as pre-sale) for $250, so it's looking good.
  5. I swear people keep confusing fact from fiction, in the first page fo the reveiw, I think some people didn't even read past the first page it says this:

    "That's not true. It's faster. It whips Radeon HD 3870 in most benchmarks and is on par with 8800GT in more than a few, at "lower" resolutions (1280x1024).

    At higher resolutions, Radeon HD 3870 and GeForce 9600GT are pretty much even. "

    Well now, its as fast as the 3870 at higher resolutions than 1280x1024...so in fact its not faster, if you play at resolutions higher than 1280x1024, I would take a wild guess :pt1cable: and say that it will drop the price of ati's offerings of the 3850 and 3870. But its been officially delayed once again, so hopefully well see the card one day... :heink:

    and visual brings up a good point, $170-$190, yeah I seriously doubt it, Nvidia is definetly performing better [when you consider stream processor for stream processor], but their cards always get price premiums that don't always make them worth it in the intial release :pfff: , when a consumer actually goes to buy it...I would say wait for it to come down a little bit to its intended price then purchase it.

    Anybody to buy that pre-sale one for $250 is an idiot b/c they could just as easily get a 8800gts 512 for 260 after MIR... :non:
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