New system refuses to accept Windows XP

Hey guys, I just built a new system and for some reason it won't accept Windows XP. The motherboard is a GA-P35-DS4 and the processor is an E8400. I kept the RAM which are two 533 sticks and the hard drive. I've been at this for two weeks and I'm out of ideas. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. It should accept XP no problem. Could you be a little more specific about the error that you are having? Is the copy of XP an OEM copy? If so you may need to zero write the drive with Active@ Kill Disk, active@kill disk can also be found on the UBCD. You can burn the ISO image to the cd with ISO Recorder v 2 if you don't have Nero or something like it.
  2. Will it not install? What is the exact error? Is this a blue screen of death (BSOD) or the disc not booting up, or XP installs but won't activate? Please elaborate...
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