Need help stopping CONDENSATION!!

So I have build a CPU/GPU cooler for as little as $20.
It forms condensation around the outside because it runs around 5 degrees celcius. (It forms ice on the outside block where it is going to mount to the GPU.

Would layering the outside in cheese cloth help pull the moisture away so it evaporates?
The cooler itself is not that large. about 3.5 inches top to bottom, and about 4 x 4 in width/height.

Does anyone have any ideas at all for stopping the moisture? I do not want to short anything out.

Thanks for any help.. I am certain the cheese cloth will work.
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  1. Did you build this "cooler" using a Peltier cooler?

    You could just use neoprene to cover the block to stop condensation.
  2. you need to laminate the mobo and graphics card.
  3. insulate the area...moisture around the area condenses upon contact with the cold surface...

    hehehe just for reading
  4. NEOPRENE: Neoprene rubber is the material used for most wet suits. This black rubber is commonly used for gaskets, shock absorbers, grommets, and foams.

    as suggested by phreejak
  5. there is a cheaper way i just remember!apply a layer of vaseline on the card and mobo.oil stop everything getting through remember?:)

    good luck.
  6. zOMG this Liquid Electrical tape is the same color as my ATI Card! It's red and that is awesome!

    Yeah I have everything all worked out :)
    ill get some pics up real soon today! :D

    And yes I am using Peltier
  7. Dielectric Grease around any CPU OR GPU, neoprene padding surrounding that, and spraying conformal acrylic coating on the areas surrounding (But not on) the CPU or GPU on the front and back of whatever PCB they are on. It's the most thorough and anally safe way to be certain.
  8. lol sounds kool :P
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