Over 2TB disks sizw cannot be seen

I cannot get over 2TB to be seen using server 2003 sp2 32 or 64 or on xp 64.
Have tried 29320LP adaptec and LSI 21320IS . Disk manager sees the disk as unreadable. I can see up to 2TB ok. Do I need a specific controller??
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  1. Some controllers will not have over 2TB support, you need to find out if your card will support, if you think it will, try XP 64Bit.

    I am running a Highpoint RR2340 and am running 2.7TB arrays with XP 64Bit.

    32Bit OS wont see drives over 1.99TB all highpoint 23XX series will support over 2TB.
  2. As well as using 64-bit Windows you also need to use the GUID Partition Table (GPT) partition type.
  3. Hi, I have win vista x64, and the BIOS recognizes the 2.72TB partition, but if i get in vista SP1 it does not even from DISKPART. So I can't convert it to GPT (it's empty).
    How do i make vista to detect it?
  4. You need both a controller capable of 48-bit LBA addressing, an operating system that supports 48-bit LBA (XP SP1/SP2 should do, but not XP classic) and a GPT partition if you want to use more than 2TiB. However, Windows cannot boot from GPT partitions, so they can only be used as data paritions.

    This has nothing to do with a 32-bit/64-bit OS, by the way; thats about the CPU architecture.
  5. My CPU is an E8500 (x64), the Mb asus p5n-t deluxe, the raid controller on the bios/Mb correctly recognizes the raid 5 as 2.72 TB (so it's ok). My OS as said before is Vista. This Raid 5 is not my boot partition, just data storage.
    So up to this I'm all good, the problem is that vista SP1 doesn't even consider existing that raid, differently from non SP1 (recognizing it wrongly, but because it was not GPT).
    Actually i created the raid from the bios feature, and there's no option about to convert it to GPT.
    So I'm flooding...
  6. You don't convert RAID to GPT. The RAID engine doesn't care what you put on the disk; its all zeroes and ones to the RAID engine. GPT is another format of partition table, that allows for partitions larger than 2Tera bytes. If you want to use a RAID-array larger than 2TiB under Windows; you need GPT. You cannot boot off GPT, so you need another boot disk. Is your boot disk seperate from the RAID?
  7. Yes it's a WD raptor.
  8. deleted. I misread something, I guess :)
  9. It is well known that windows cannot boot from a partition larger than 2 T. You must use that big partition as a secondary one and boot from something smaller.
  10. Excuse me,
    How am I supposed to say that this is not my boot partition?
    WD raptor = 150GB disk (BOOTING)
    raid5 2,72TB = 4*1TB disk (DATA STORAGE)
    I said that the vista OS is not recognizing it, so how can an OS recognize a raid 5 if it's not already started? Please wake up.. :sweat:
    I think I said this 3 times so long...
  11. You need both RAID-drivers installed and look at the disk management applet to see if your volume is listed there, then format GPT and make one big partition if you like.
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