6200 to 6600... is that possible?

Hello there T'sH
I have a 6200 128/128 ddr video card and i was wondering if i can oc it and asked a friend if its possible and he said that i could even "transform" it into 6600 is that possible? :heink:
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  1. this is my config

    XP 2500+ Barton 1.83GHz
    GeForce 6200 128/128 ddr
    400W PSU
    80 GB HHD
  2. Double post*
  3. The 6200 is based on the nv44 chip and the 6600/6800 on the nv40 chip so i don't think it's possible
  4. no its not possible. you can only tranform a 6800GT to Ultra by flashing the BIOS. but not the low end 6200.
  5. Couldnt you flash early 6600gt's too? Until they got lazer cut i think
  6. oh ok
    thx guys ;)

    if its so then how much can i OVERCLOCK it
    the stock clocks are

    i thought of 440/550 :)
  7. 6200 got a 32bit memory interface.......u wont get much improvement with only 10% OC........get one of those cheap 3450 or 8400GS........they perform better and has 64bit memory. but i would recommend 2600pro to the minimum if u are planing to do gaming
  8. Yes you could flash the earlier 6600 cards before the lazer cutting,and although your 6200 has a 128 bit memory interface,it is still based on the older NV44 chip.The NV40 chip has added features that the NV44 can't support,so flashing your video bios is pointless.The way I see it,you have 2 options.Either overclock it to its max(and hope it lasts awhile),or just purchase a new video card.There are several newer and cheap cards out there that perform much better than the 6200,so upgrading really is the best way to go.If money is an issue,you can get the 3850pro for AGP for a reasonable price these days,or build yourself a new system that utilizes a PCI express slot.Goodluck.


    X2 5600+ STOCK (2.8GHZ)
    2X1GIG DDR2 800 IN DC MODE
    2X EVGA 8800GT in SLI
    ACER 22IN WS LCD 1680X1050
    250GIG HD/500GIG HD
  9. i think its abit pointless even invest in that card.sorry man but i only telling the truth.
  10. Nobody even botehred asking--what are you trying to accomplish here? are you looking to play a specific game? are you looking to just 'learn' how to OC?
  11. just 'learn' how to OC :) and maybe play
    Oblivion and TDU :D
  12. Oblivion with a overclock 6200 ? With a 1.8ghz cpu while thd game needs 2.0ghz ? 256mb ram x2 and thd game needs 1 gig. All these are minimum requirements. Your gpu is only thing matching the minimum specs of Elder scrolls which isn't worth trying to overclock to gain fps because even after it the game would be unplayeble (less then 20 fps) at all low. Consider upgrading if you serious about gaming
  13. I think your friend probably meant that you could unlock 4 pixel pipelines in rivatuner ... they might be damaged however. This is also only possible if you have the early NV43 based card. If you've got the NV44 based card, you're out of luck.

    You should also get a good overclock on the NV43 based G6200 from what I can remember. Effectively you could have a G6600LE, which will play Oblivion ok without HDR or AA.

    Just google "6200 open pipelines" and you should get some further guides and reading.
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