GTS wildly variable pricing?!

I pretty much decided on getting a new 8800 GTS (g92) after seeing so many prices on newegg around the $250 mark after rebate for a 650-670mhz unit.

Then I noticed on newegg that they have 'Is your system ready for' ad on the side of their page advertising NEW gts cards that are all around $350.
The specs are all the same or lower than the cards I am looking at that are around $250..

On zipzoomfly...ALL their GTS cards are around 329 and up..

Am I missing something here? Or is newegg competing with themselves, blowing ZZF out and trying to take some of the buying pressure off of their g92 8800gt which for a few months was the most bang for the buck card to get...

BTW I am talking about cards with the g92 process only..not the old g80 gts's.

Opinions please..
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  1. There shouldn't be anything wrong with the Evga 8800GTS, assuming that's the one you're talking about. It's priced well so go for it.
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