CPU bottlenecking Video card

I was wondering if my cpu is bottlenecking my videocard. I've seen scores higher then mine and am curious.

Pentium D 820 (2.8Ghz)
1.5Gb Crucial DDR 400 @ 3-3-3-8 timing
maxtor 160Gb SATA-2 HD on SATA-1 controller
ECS P4M800Pro-V.1A AGP8x
BFG 6800GT OC 256Mb DDR3 @ 370/1000 AGP8x
Soundblaster live digital 5.1

3dmark03 score = 11998

Is this normal? Is my CPU bottlenecking, I assumed I would get higher score due to the Dualcore CPU, or is this average? No OC'ing the PC or video.

THX, just wondering!
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  1. It's fine. The other scores that are higher are probably due to the fact that they have their pc OCed.
  2. You're Pentium D 820 might be holding back your 3DMark score some, but I don't think it is hurting your actual game performance much with the graphics card you are using.

  3. What the other guy said, your video card is bottlenecking your video card, although i dont' know what good card you could get for xgp unless it's like a ati 1950 xt, but via chipsets and ati don't always play nice together.
  4. No, video games run nice on my PC, and even Radeon cards work good. (I swapped out my ATI 9600pro 256 Mb 8x AGP which still ran games fine). I just was checking performance. I can get my score higher then what I posted by OC'ing the VC or the CPU but I don't play to many games. I think HL2 and the other Steam games are what I play on occasions, I mainly play NFS most wanted and card games. So THX guys, my next little upgrade was CPU and PSU that's it.
  5. Ah, the old "I don't care that my PC will do anything I want to do perfectly fine, I just want to throw more money at it so I can have a gigantic e-penis, er, uh benchmark score."

    Yes, for benchmarking, the Pentium D is going to leave you a little short, as well the AGP interface, as well the 6800GT. There is a lot of room for gaming improvement system-wide for you, but then again, if it does what you need to do just fine, why throw money at it?
  6. Yeah, exactly. My system does more then enough. My upgrades that I want to do are really just changing my case for an ANTEC 900, a OCZ Stealthextreme 600 Watt PSU and maybe changing to quad core. The CPU is not important, I will go with PCI-E within the year but I don't really need it. Only reason for change is to update my wifes PC which is a p3 933. She gets this system and I get all new or just certain changes. I am not big on upgrades, I just don't throw money around but I like to change certain things to keep it going well. Like I said, THX, just ensuring my CPU is not holding anything back.
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