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Hey tech masterminds :bounce: :D

I am FINALLY looking to replace my pci-e 6600 card (I sucks) thats in my dell 4700. I am looking to go to preferably a 8800gt or possibly a 8800gts (see below). Here are my questions and concerns that I'm hoping that you all can answer.

1) My cpu is a p4 2.8ghz w/HT Prescott and was wondering if the bottleneck from a 8800gt/gts is gonna be a killer to where I wont be able to play anything and will show no difference from a 6600. I plan on getting a new custom built with a Quad around summer time, but wanting to get a head start on the video card if you can understand that (plus I think my 6600 is going bad). Can someone help address this concern?

2) This question goes with the one above. With the p4 cpu and a 8800gt/gts can I play games like neverwinter nights 2, Gears of war, UT3, etc at a decent rate?

3) On which card to choose...heres my situation. I have 250ish dollars saved up that I can blow. The original plan was getting a 8800gt and a new powersupply (was looking at that MSI OC one for 200 dollars AR with the copper pipes...any other suggestions are welcome). My monitor is a 17" LCD 4:3 and can only go 1280x10 Max res. I know that the 8800gts is gonna cost me about 100-150 more but is it worth it at that res? Im wanting something that can last me at least 3 years or so and play everything out there currently (when i get quad)....asking price vs performance really. Also I can consider a 9600gt if someone can make a good statement on that rather than the 8 series.

4)!!!! lol. Ok I can save up a little more, but I want a good PSU, preferably black (my case that im getting this summer is black, open side window with blue LED...wanting psu to match) and that is stable. I read that 400W is efficient but wanted to run it through you guys. The system will have mobo/cpu, 2 hd, 2 dvd/cd drives, and a new video card (note ill probably OC the card and the new cpu/ram when I get it). Again preferably black, stable, and as cheap as you can find since money will be tight, but able to save up a little bit more if needed also. Also been reading up on these modular PSU...good idea?

VERY sorry to swamp you with questions. I have been researching and stressing out for 2 weeks now, and been getting variable answers (or none at all). I know this forum has a good rep so decided it was time to come to the big dogs ;). Thanks again and VERY appreciative of any help I can get on this.
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  1. Any help will be great as I plan on making purchases possibly this week.
  2. I went from a 6600 gtoc to a 8800gtoc and I'm able to play BF2 and BF2142 at 1680x1050 at max settings. Also the Crisys Demo (can't recall if at med or max settings) and had no lag.
    Well, just read my sig.
  3. REALLY??!!!! thats ....very good news then and takes a LOT of worrying off my mind. (thanks for replying :D). I was worried that the p4 would kill the video card and cause barely any performace but guess i was worrying to much *laughs*

    Any other input (and answers to other questions i had) is greatly appreciated from anyone. Thanks Betunn for the help so far! :)
  4. the P4 will kill performance big time, but the video rendering performance will still go up big time too
  5. I didn't know a dual slot card fit in the 4700, does it? (in regards to the GTS)
    Get a GT if your buying now.
    Do some homework to make a good choice.

    Choosing a psu based on color is a new one for me. Good luck.
  6. kpo6969 said:
    I didn't know a dual slot card fit in the 4700, does it? (in regards to the GTS)

    Yes, the 4700 is an ATX style box.
  7. Goodluck with NWN, its a performance killer. Go here to tweakguides for help for this game.
  8. Thanks guys you rock (links from you guys helped clearify A LOT of things).

    Thanks Kpo6969 for the psu links. It gave me a lot of insight of single and dual 12V rails and what its really all about. Also the tier list is EXTREMELY helpful. On the psu color thing, everything is pretty much gonna be black or dark color, so if i was gonna end up spending probably 1k in the end I tend to want to "get it right" in all regards that possibly can (Sorry if i sounded prickish or stuck up about the color thing, wasnt trying to.) I know OCZ has a nice black psu that has a lot of good rep so im looking at that one possibly (I think it was the 500 and 650W model).

    DellUser1 thanks for the dual slot/atx mobo clearification. I was pretty sure that it could but support is always nice :)

    and thanks Jay for the tweak guide. I bookmarked that for near future reference :)

    Thanks again guys. Think Im ready to spend some hard earned bucks :)

    Very good deal, and I think it's the right color too.
  10. Oof, the Prescott bit got my stomach churning.

    You should see this one dual-processor pentium-II 700MHz system I have in the garage. It used to be top of the line hardcore enthusiast. Hahaha
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