I have a problem.

I have built a HTPC with this MB, an AMD Dual Core Processor and 2GB of TWIN2X2048-5400C4 Corsair memory.

I have replaced the HDD as it was dead on arrival.

I have tested all components with Eurosoft PC Check and none of them have reported errors.

I have installed Windows Vista and it runs sort of OK but is a little jerky here and there. I have updated the BIOS and used the latest drivers.

After Vista Ultimate has been running for a bit, I reboot and Vista won't load. It goes to Vista didn't shutdown properly do you want to start in normal mode etc. Starts to load, black screen then a reboot.

I can recover it by putting the Vista disk backin and doing a repair but then it happens again. I have tried the drivers from the Gigabyte site and also the official AMD done.

Vista seems to take a while to do some operations and is a little jerky which also suggests there is an issue. I would have thought with this spec it would run OK. When I go into the Media Center some of the video files I use stutter a little bit.

It is a very strange problem and I am unable to return the parts as I am unable to determine where the problem is. I suspect it might be a duff mainboard? I am quite prepared to buy a new one but want to work out if I am going to have the same issue. I am looking at an MSI board as a replacement. I had a spare 2GB of Kingston DDR2 memory and had the same problem.

It has to be either the MB or CPU? The CPU tests fine with PCCheck.

I am very experienced at building PCs but this is the first time I am installing Vista so don't have anything to compare it to in terms of stability. Has anyone got any ideas for me?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Anybody have any suggestions?
  2. Did you fix your stability problems?

    Are you running AHCI mode for your hard drive?

    Also, have you run memtest for the memory?
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