Any one running a Asus M3A32-MVP Deluxe with crossfire? need help


I downloaded GPU-z and it told me my crossfire was running at 8x so i went into the bios and changed the link width on both of them to 16x loaded GPU-z again and it told me it was still running at 8

any help would be great
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  1. Are you sure you have both the cards in the blue PCI-E slots. When I first setup my configuration I made the mistake of using the Crossfire X-Connect Cables that came with the video cards. These were shorter and meant I had to put one of my cards in a black slot. The M3A32 comes with its own crossfire cables that are longer than standard ones thus allowing you to place both cards in the blue slots.
  2. Did you ever end up solving this issue? I've got a friend's computer that has this board and 2 hd4870s in crossfire, but they are only running at x16 and x8 respectively. I've been in contact with ASUS, but they can't seem to help and offered to warranty repair it. I need to know if it's something I can fix first though.
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