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Whats wrong with Antec PSU?

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March 3, 2008 8:02:54 PM

Hello All,
I have been using Antec PSU (Power Supply Unit) for years and I have never had any really bad problems, however, I see all of these builds and I never see an Antec PSU. They are good, High-Effeciency and low cost. They seem to have good technology in them? Can someone please tell me why more people are not going with Antec PSUs?


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March 3, 2008 9:33:05 PM

for example, my company sell a test equipment has a 400 watt pc power supply, which turn out to be antec smart power series. we shipped 10 to same customers, 4 died in three months, customer was mad and want the money back, I carried 10 silverstone psu and drove 800 miles to replace them. silverstone are working perfect for over three years. for the swap out antec psu, we did not even bother to rma.
the the test equipment has p4 2.4GHZ, 865 motherboard, 512MB ram, 40 GB hd.
why there are such high rate fail rate on the 10 we had, i do not know, when they are working, I check them with DMM, the voltage is solid and it was quiet and cool, but it just died and can never boot up.
I later learn antec never make PSU, it buy OEM psu and put on their lable, since they are famous in us. the smart series was made by top power. the fail rate is so high, Antec discontinue make them.
they switch to seasonic recently, and seasonicis is one of best in the market.
my company has select silverstone psu for all pc base test equipment.
when I told my boss to give antec earthwatt a chance since it is about 15 dollars cheap, he look in my eyes and said "are you f**K nuts".
I hope my story can answer your question.
March 3, 2008 10:23:38 PM

As said, the newer Antec Earthwatts are made by Seasonic and are good. I'm not sure who makes their others. They had a problem with bad capacitors in their smart power series a while back, not their best PSUs. bob8701 obviously felt the pain from some of them.