Help needed for building a new rig

Hi Guys,

I was planning to build a system and since I live in India, hardware parts are a bit hard to get like Patriot, Abit etc. Still I came up with the following config and needed your opinion and feed back on it. Any help is really really appreciated...

CPU: C2D E8400 Wolfdale 3.0ghz or C2Q Q6600

Mobo: MSI p35 Platinum or BioStar: TP35D3-A7 or D2A7 or Gigabite: GA-P35CD53R

Ram: 4gb Kingston DDR2

HDD: Seagate 320 gb SATA

DVD Write: Samsung SATA

PSU: Already have Corsair 620wtts

GPU: XFX 8800GT 512 mb standard edition

Monitor: LG L226wtq-bf

Do let me know your opinions and help...thanks in advance...
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  1. Looks good. I'd go with either the Gigabyte or MSI over the Biostar, which is more of a budget mobo
  2. get the Neo2-FR; it's basically the platinum, but cheaper ^^

    or the gigabyte... either way, it's a cool build ^^
  3. The gigabyte P35C series gives you DDR3 capability, but gives up the possibility of 8gb and costs more. I can recommend the P35-DS3R.

    Memory is cheap these days. Get your 4gb in the form of 2 2gb sticks, leaving you room for expansion.

    If your main use is lots of multitasking or your game is FSX, then the quad is good. Otherwise, get the E8400. Few games will make use of more than 2 cores, so why not take the higher clock speed? 45nm will run cooler also.
  4. but, quads are more future-proof... it's all up to you ^^
  5. well i have decided to go with q6600 and MSI p35 platinum rev1.1 mobo. Any suggestions on which version of XFX 8800gt should i go for?also is MSI 8800gt OC a good card?Any suggestions on the monitor which I mentioned lg 226wtq?
  6. go for whichever version makes you say, WOW, i have a cool card :P
  7. still need suggestions....:)
  8. I'm voting for GA-P35-DS3L or GA-P35-DS3R rather than MSI. The rest is OK.

    Other ideas:
    Add an Antec 900 case.
    Upgrade the video card to 8800 GTS G92 512MB.
    Get a 500GB Seagate 7200.11 rather than an older product.
  9. any reason for opting gigabyte mobo over msi?
  10. Bad reviews for the MSI, mostly. It's safer to stick with Asus, Gigabyte or aBit these days, AFAIK.

    BTW, about the GA-P35C-DS3R: that's what I got these days. I don't care about the DDR3 support, but I like that it has eSATA. Very handy if using an external hard disk a lot. Still, if I needed a motherboard today I'd get a GA-P35-DS4 because it adds a second PCI-E slot and it would let me add a third monitor.
  11. did read bout the revised 1.1 verions of p35 platinum mobo on tomshardware...they gave it a preety good review...mmm now i think i might have to rethink....coz just placed the order for MSI...ouch!!!
  12. Don't worry, it's not like every MSI mobo out there is bad. They've got to have some good models too, or they'd be out of business. I've read a couple of reviews. In general, IMO, this is a good motherboard, with only minor problems.

    Reviewers had a bit of trouble installing a dual-slot video card.
    They also said the overclocking is weak and the price is too high.

    These guys only complained about how the BIOS looks.

    Anandtech reviewers like it, they just aren't very impressed with the simple BIOS and the cooling system (which gets in the way of big coolers or video cards).

    As far as I'm concerned, I'd prefer something with 3 PCI slots because I need all 3.
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