Bios and CPUz FSB dont match, Which is correct

CPUz says that my FSB is 266Mhz. The bios says 400Mhz.

So the system only hits 2.5G at 9.5x. It should be 3.8G at 9.5x.

Which is right; cpuz or the bios?
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  1. If it returns to normal when the cpu is under load, it's due to speedstep. One type decreases multiplier, the other lowers fsb. You can disable both in bios.
  2. Forget it, it's all good...
    WHen you're at Idle-your system saves energy..and when it's at full load it it meets your desired needs.

    Try to load it casually with Prime 95 or 2004(beta)
    and check for the CPU-Z change, *while test is ran*.
  3. The results i listed above are from prime95. At load cpuz says it is 266mhz fsb x9.5 = 2.5G.

    I didnt have speedstep disabled before and cpuz had it at 400mhz fsb x9.5 = 3.8G.

    Nothing has changed. I even flashed my bios to the latest version. That didn't even help.
  4. Please post a screenshot of the main screen of CPU-z; there are many readings there, and sometimes they get misinterpreted.
  5. The bios is showing 3.8G @ 400Mhz fsb.

    As you can see above, cpuz show otherwise.
  6. There are two types of speedstep throttling. C1E drops multiplier, EIST drops FSB. Looks like C1E is off, but EIST is on. Go into bios and turn it off.
  7. I turned off, both speed step settings in the bios. cpuz still shows, 266Mhz fsb x9.5 = 2.5.
  8. i need some ideas on the problem.
  9. Has anybody figured this out? I'm using an XFX nforce 750i motherboard, I have a C2D E8500 and I've got the same problem. EIST is disabled for me in bios, but it doesn't seem to matter as I can't go above the stock speed even with prime95.
  10. 50bmg, I'd say that CPU-Z is correct. I think you are dropping out of an overclock state and defaulting to a stock FSB freq.

    System specs? And what have you done so far?
  11. Disabled Vandep technology in BIOS ...!
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