Needing reliable wireless hardware

Moving coming may first, And I'll be the first to say I know very little about wireless routers, being a gamer i've always highly preferred the wire'd route -- but, am now being forced to use wireless at times.

This being said, is anyone able to suggest a reliable wireless ( n preferable ) router that can hold a solid connection as well as being able to stay connected through a heavy load.

Right now at the place i'm at I am using the DGL-4500 -- great for gaming from what ive seen, easiest setup i've ever been through, but I have noticed that under heavy load with bit torrents, and sometimes even jsut while gaming + streaming a movie, it crashes ( even when wire'd in. )

Any help with a good router and even a wireless USB / pci adapter would be great.
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  1. I honestly wouldn't know a good Wireless N router (still using that trusty WRT54G at home), but I'm willing to try Linksys' offerings. It'll be a while until I decide to upgrade though.
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