Antec Nine Hundred fan question

For those of you who have an Antec Nine Hundred...

are the stock fans 3-pin or 4-pin?
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  1. 4 pin molex, but only 2 wires!

    Sucks b/c you thne gotta do some splicing to get it connected to a 3 pin fan connection to hook it up to a fan controller...
  2. I've got one sitting on the kitchen table now that I am assembling. All four fans are set up the same way as Frozen Gpu described: 4 pin molex with only two wires. But each fan has its own tiny 3-position switch to control speed. The large top fan has a 3 inch wire for the little switch, the two fans on the HDD cages have wires that are only 1 1/2" long: all three of these will have to stay inside the case. The rear exhaust fan has a 9 inch wire to the control switch.
  3. I just put together a box with a new Antec Nine Hundred over the last couple days. I too was concerned about not being able to adjust the fans' speeds without opening the case. I decided to set them all on high for the initial boot and install of the OS. To my surprise, even with them all on high it's not all that loud (in my opinion, at least). While I would prefer to be able to control them externally or through software, I am comfortable with the noise level produced at high speed by these fans.
  4. I personaly ripped out the Antec 120mm fans (I hate blue lights) and replaced em with 3 S-Flex fans.
    After this, I may later decide to get a fan controller tho.

    only other option I know of is buy a molex extender, or splitter to connect to a fan controller.
    This should do, unless you remove the fans, and replace em. (out of stock at the egg)
  5. For what its worth...

    I just got my '900 a few days ago to replace what I thought was a noisy and warm CoolerMaster Centurion 5. Unfortunately, the 900 is both noisier and warmer--about 3 or 4 degrees.

    I don't consider myself a "quiet freak", but the 900 with all fans on high is unbearably loud. In other words, at about 4-5 feet from my ears, I have to blast headphones on a videogame just to get over the fan noise.

    I blame the noise and heat on the fan setup; non-Mobo-adjustable fans are just unacceptable for a ~$120 case. Antec should at least throw in some adapters. I think the solution is to replace each 120 mm fan with a standard 3 pin fan so that my MoBo can control (i.e., variably slow down) the fans.

    Rather than drop another $45 on some quality, 3 pin, quiet fans (almost the cost of the Centurion case itself!!!!), I am going to try these 3-4 pin adapters to see if I can hook the standard Antec fans to my MoBo.

    Anyone tried anything like this?
  6. dude, no need to spend so much on fans. I got five of these $5 a pop from jab-tech. mine don't make any noise except the whoosh of air flowing. I replaced all the fans in my P182 with them, got a fan controller, and dial 'em up for gaming and down for sleeping. The embarrassing thing is that i spend $20 on one freakin silenX fan that does the exact same thing.
  7. Ok, so they are definitely 4-pin molex fans that come with the Antec 900.

    Here's my solution:

    I ordered 4 Scythe S-Flex 120mm fans which will replace the 3 stock antec 120mm fans and the fourth s-flex will go on the side panel. As for the 200mm fan on the top, I'm getting this 4-pin to 3-pin adapter:

    This way all 5 fans can be controlled by this:

    I could have just got an adapter for each of the stock antec 120mm fans, but the s-flex's are only $13 when you buy 2+ from newegg and they should be quieter.
  8. Does anyone have their cpu cooler pointing up so the air goes up instead of to the rear of the case... like with a thermalright ultra 120 extreme?
  9. 900++
  10. I'll probably go with a fan controller, and changing my fans. But what would be better would be if the fans could be controlled in software based on temps. Or even by a controller box, but based on the temps. I wonder what would be needed to do this and make them automatic. It's not needed, but would be nicer to have the fans speed up as soon as the case started getting hot during intense use. The Zalman controller would allow for someone to turn them up and down, but I don't think it would be automatic or temperature sensed. Not that it isn't a great solution. It's probably what I will do too. But does anyone know of an automatic controller or solution?
  11. Antec makes temperature controlled fans... you can find them on newegg for cheap. However I think that the cost of this case is based on the fans too. The fans come with a three position switch that allows for manual control. I wouldn't mess with the fans or a fan controller. I had a Zalman controller and was largely disappointed with it. I would invest your money in the hardware of the rig not the case. What this case comes with is enough IMO.
  12. My 900 fans are set to mid....
    I use ZALMAN 9700 LED for CPU cooler...

    No issue with noise and temperature
  13. hughyhunter said:
    Does anyone have their cpu cooler pointing up so the air goes up instead of to the rear of the case... like with a thermalright ultra 120 extreme?

    I mounted an internal 120mm fan in the center chamber that has a front intake fan to create a wind tunnel that blows cool air across the NB(MCH), my TT120, and video card. Having it blow towards the rear of the case keeps it inline with the air flow. If it was orientated to blow upwards it would loose the additional air circulation through the cooler. Seems to work ok.
  14. FYI, it is pretty easy to mount a 140 mm fan on the inside to accellerate airflow. I used screws and plastic wall anchors, then jammed them into some of the holes that would normally hold the plastic internal fan mount. It works perfectly.

    To answer hughyhunter's question, I have considered that also. Considering heat rises AND the vast majority of the airflow exits out via the top mount 200mm fan, aiming the CPU fan upward should theoretically be the best way to go. If I ever do it, I will report back.
  15. I have my zalman9700 pointing up.... i can't decide if i need to have the fan on the window pulling air in, or blowing air out of the case..
  16. Thanks for tips hughyhunter. I'll wait to see how well the 900 case works in terms of cooling efficiency vs noise etc. The only problem would be if I needed an in between setting and I had to keep opening up the case to switch to high during gaming, and then back to low during work/reading/idle too often. Time will tell. But if it's bad enough, I'll have no fear in changing the fans.
  17. Hi all,

    I recieved the components for my 1st ever build today and i have a slight question which is about the Antec 900 and the fans so i though i would just tag it on here.

    I will be using a corsair hx620 and a GA-P35-DS3R motherboard.

    So am i correct in thinking i simply connect the case fans directly to the PSU, and therefore i will not be plugging anything into the SYS_FAN headers on the MB. Also i dont need to connect anything to the PWR_FAN?


    P.S. I apologise for the simplicity of this question but I would rather ask than do something wrong. Also expect a few more of these kind of questions over the next few days!!!!
  18. You'll connect all fans to the PSU. I dont even think that your motherboard will have connectors to connect the fans for the Antec 900. Check out this forum for more info on your case:
  19. Cheers fella
  20. The Antec 900 is a great cooling solution to those who air cool. If you dont like to hear fan noise, stop being cheap and go water cooled, its pretty much your only option. Any fan your going to hear over time, degredation, vibration, yadda yadda yadda. I have my 900 under my desk, and its the quitest computer I have. Point being, there is no perfect air cooled solution. If you want quiet, then cough up the cash, all those who whine about air cooling, get over it. Its what you got, now live with it, guess you should have saved up a few more bucks.
  21. hughyhunter said:
    Does anyone have their cpu cooler pointing up so the air goes up instead of to the rear of the case... like with a thermalright ultra 120 extreme?

    I am planning on doing that. The only reservation that I have is that the video card will partially block air flow.
  22. For anyone interested:
    " class="img lazy">

    Just finished!
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