Q6600 + Evga 780i Fitting cpu cooler?

Im looking for a good cpu cooler for a Q6600 processor inside a Evga 780i motherboard. The motherboard doesent have tons of room around it but I am looking for a great cooler to keep my processor chilled while I have it overclocked and playing on it for hours. I've heard many mixed answers as to which is the right cpu cooler of choice: Sun beam Core-Contact Freezer, Zalman 9700, Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 pro, and the XIGMATEK HDT-S1284.

1. The most important thing is that it NEEDS to fit on my 780i and inside my Antec Twelve-hundred case.
2. Price is a big thing which is why I'm not a fan of the legendary Zalman company but if it stomps the competition in performance i can deal with it.
3. I'm not the smallest of guys and have pretty big fingers aka a nice and easy installation is a big plus :)
4. My computer isn't assembled at the moment so it doesn't matter if it needs to be installed with the motherboard outside of the case or not.
5. I dont mind it being noisy, as long as my processor is at low temps I can deal.

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  1. Zalman was "legendary" about 3 years ago :D

    Check out the AC7 like you have listed, you cant really go wrong with it espically at the price, and its more than simple to install. Yea it has pushpins but they work fine, and its not wide enough to hit the NB. The Core-contact and the Xiggy might be cutting it close, but dont quote me on that.
  2. I heard from a guy with an evga 780i ftw edition that a zalman 9700 fits fine, but I really wanted to try the Xiggy or Sunbeam since I heard they are the most potent in chilling processors. Does anyone know if either of them will fit?
  3. hmm buy the xiggy and its crossbow bracket (around $6 you can't go wrong :)) should be a nice easy installation but the crossbow bracket must be moutned onto the motherboard OUTSIDE OF THE CASE.
  4. V3NOM said:
    hmm buy the xiggy and its crossbow bracket (around $6 you can't go wrong :)) should be a nice easy installation but the crossbow bracket must be moutned onto the motherboard OUTSIDE OF THE CASE.

    Your positive it'll fit my evga 780i without hitting anything?
  5. almost certain. the evga boards including 750i 780i and i believe the 790i share the same NB cooler which is deliberately slanted to allow room for aftermarket coolers unlike P45 motherboards. take a look at it it is on like a 45 degree angle! should be k dude and google around theres tons of pics of people with TRUE's on evga 7 series boards. if it fits a TRUE it fits a xiggy imo.
  6. of you can always change the heatsink orientation to blow upward no cooler on the market are able to hit the ram and the mosfet heatsink.:D
  7. will the Xigmatek HDT-S1283 Fit on A XFX 780i with room to spare??

    thanks danny
  8. Be careful with the model numbers, the S1284 EE, S1284 Achilles, and the S1283 all perform differently.

    To fit your cooler, i would recommend this strategy: measure your case on the outside. subtract 2.5-3cm for the motherboard. if this number is now 16cm, you're ok for any cooler. however, you need more space if you have a side panel fan, but those are easy to remove. height is the only real consideration. you can usually bend the side fins for side clearance.

    if there's a ton of heatpipes and stuff, you can get the dimensions from frosty or the manufacturer, and add about 2 cm for the fan. usually though with backplate mounting, you can rotate it in any direction.
  9. I hope this is still an active post.

    I just got my EVGA 780i SLI mobo, and I am installing the Intel 775 E8400 and all this is going into my Antec 900 Case

    I am hoping to buy my CPU cooler today or tommorow, Which one in your opinons should I purchase;

    XIGMATEK HDT-S1284 Or Sunbeam Core Contact

    But will these FIT into my case/mobo? also, If i was to order the "XIGMATEK HDT-S1284" do i NEED to get the special retaining clip also? thanks all
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