Can't get an nVidia 9600GT to overclock - any thoughts?


I was successful in overclocking my old nVidia 7900GS using ATItool. In fact, it was quite easy.

Unfortunately there seems to be a problem in that I can't get any program to alter the clock or memory of my new 9600GT. I've tried nTune, ATItool and RivaTuner and none are successful. I've searched old threads without any success.

Is it possible that I can't overclock a card that I purchased as a "factory overclock"?

For a baseline, with GPU-Z I get this report:

When I try ATItool, it doesn't seem to even sense my speeds. If I try and change them, nothing happens.
If I try and "Find Max Core" or "Find Max Mem" I can hear the fan running for about 3 second intervals and repeating the cycle ad infinitum.
Here is what it shows me (temp higher than normal because I was testing it):

With RivaTuner I can slide the settings any way I want, Appy or not Apply, and check the Startup box or not check it. Nothing happens. In fact, if I move the sliders, hit Apply and close it, when I reopen 5 sec later the settings are back to stock.
In this pic I've adjusted them, applied them and checked the startup box, but they were all reset as soon as I hit OK to close it:

If anyone has any tips or suggestions I'd be grateful.
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  1. Does the coolbits registry hack still apply here?
  2. Not sure, but I found out that MSI (the card maker) supplies their won overclocking software. It seems to work, though I'm still not sure why ATITool and RivaTuner do nothing.

    I'm now also running 177.92 which gave me quite a boost in 3DMark06 numbers initially, but now I'm back to my baseline.
  3. ATI tool is really good for stability testing, not OCing with recent cards so I suggest you use it for that purpose. I had the same problem with RivaTuner (on those drivers as well) but after playing with it it will work. I am not entirely sure what I did but just keep messing around, RivaTuner is really the best way to overclock.
  4. Agreed, I use Rivatuner on my 9600GT. Try unlinking the Core/Shader clocks and see what happens. Also, ATITool will need to be the 0.27 beta 2/3 for it to have a chance of working on that card.
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