will HDMI adapter work on component Digital t.v. input

I'm wanting to buy a SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 2400PRO 256MB 64-bit GDDR2 PCI Express x16 card, show here:


To hook my computer to my t.v. Now the card has a HDtv cable with the red, green, and blue outputs used for a HDtv but I don't have a HDTV. What i will have, is a 32 inch Digital t.v. with a 480i that has a component video input on the back. Now my question is, can i use the HDTV cable with the card to hook my computer to the component input on the back of the T.v., eventhough it isn't a HDTV? I noticed the HDTV cable is has the same colors as the component inputs on the back of the t.v. and was wanting to check to see if it can still be done that way. Thanks.
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  1. 480i isn't HD. You might have to use the Svid to analog out adaptor. It all depends how well your TV accepts and your card generates signals. It's always a crap shoot. Look up reviews on yout TV, paying close attention to anything about hooking the TV to a computer.
  2. Use google to undestand about HDTV. I'm not sure if really have a good understanding of HDTV and the capability of the "32 inch " TV you are getting.

    My display is a 70inch HDTV and i use it as a PC with 1080P resolution. I watch Blue ray/ HD-DVD on it @1080P.

    DVI to HDMI is my setup to link my video card to my TV...

    HDTV resolutions are 1080P, 1080i & 720P. The type of inputs that can support it are HDMI(Digital Link) & Video-component(Analog Link).

    Check what your 32 inch TV can do.
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