Rig built and running, final questions

Firstly, I bought an open box Asus motherboard. It is the P5K-e. Since it was open box it did not come with the metal peice that fits on the case in the back...maybe its called an i/o panel? Where can I get one of these for my board?

How should I clean the plexiglass side window on my antec nine hundred?

For single gpu/single card performance the G92 GTS is my best bet right now correct? The performance increase in the GTX isnt worth the 50% higher cost. The GX2 isnt expected for quite some time and would require a psu bigger than my 650w antec, right?

My first pioneer IDE drive I bought didnt work with Vista, but it worked with XP fine. The one I stole from my dad is an 8x drive than whines like a jet engine. Can anyone recommend me a drive <$40 that is quiet and fast that will work with Vista? Doesnt need to be fancy.

Thanks a lot
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  1. If you didn't get the i/o panel call the manufacturer. They will ship it for free.
    Plexiglass, I would clean it with soapy water.
    Consult this chart for video cards:

  2. For an optical drive I would go with Samsung SH203-B or SH203-N.
    These are SATA drives.
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