Please help: new build keeps rebooting

Worked fine for 3 days
2x1gb corsair 4-4-4-12 xms2
ocz stealthxstream 600w
7200.11 hdd

installed xp, updated, uploaded some of my software, went into bios changes the memore timings to 4-4-4-12 and increased the option called DDr218 or something like that - from by +0.2 because it was showing 1.873V and my merory says 2.1 Volts

it worked rebooted, then it got stuck, i rebooted, then it got hung up again after a few minutes, now it keeps rebooting every 3 seconds, i tried clearing the bios by shorting the jumper with a screwdriver, and by removing the battery for about 10 seconds..and same thing, i turned off the PSU and looked at the MOBO, i dont see anything burnt

what to do now
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  1. Go into the BIOS, and load the BIOS failsafes, and relax the mem timings. then run memtest on the ram (could be a bad stick of RAM)
  2. Also, make sure your HSF is secure. Worse comes to worse, disassemble it including taking out the mobo. Made sure you have the preicise number of standoffs. Then test after install each part out of the box
  3. ok i took out the batter for the whole day while i was at work, same thing, i replaced the ram put in my older ddr2 533 mhz 2x512, same thing, put the ram into different slots same thing

    i cannot access bios, it keeps rebooting every three seconds, turns on shuts off, and keeps doing that
  4. andrei3333

    Also, make sure your HSF is secure. Worse comes to worse, disassemble it including taking out the mobo. Made sure you have the preicise number of standoffs. Then test after install each part out of the box

    also try takeing battery out instead of shorting out. 5 min leave it out put back in reboot.
  5. i left it out all day today - do you guys read the posts at all

    i cannot acess the bios, i took out the batter, i also shorter the cmos clear pins, i swapped different ranm and video card, just keeps rebooting, blank screen, reset and power buttons have no effect, it worked for 3 days untill i started changing the ram timings and maybe i changed some wrong voltage, but i cannot seem to reset the bios, im going crazy here
  6. disconnect your power button and reset button. gigabyte? sounds retarded... but find another way to boot it... different buttons, different case/front panel/old xbox power buttons ANYTHING that's rated for it, i've even used a jumper to boot my pc with my fingers (careful though)... this is a known problem with some mobos in combo with cirtain case setups... it has to do with a sensitive power button/bad grounding. from what i see here and what little info i have this is likely your cause. try this before anything else... if you can boot it by changing your power button out or pushing a jumper onto your power pins on the mobo (not recommended due to risk) then you either need a new power switch or a mounting system for it and it needs to be grounded... you can do this by replacing it, running a lead to the base of your case or another ground (may still have problems) or installing rubber grommets over everything and possibly also grounding the power switch. Let me know if it works or not, and post your results with the aforementioned test, if i don't reply tomorrow, pm me, ill reply quicker and look into another solution if i can find one.

    ps: don't wear underwear with synthetic fibers, ground yourself out when touching the inside of the pc AND when turning it on, this may help (eg: ever shock yourself on the face of the case near the on button?) this may be half the problem. also post what case make and exact model you have.
  7. the underwear part sounds weird... but synthetic fibers in your clothing are more likely to create a static charge, hence the "ground yourself" part. hehe
  8. the front panel seems plastic, the buttons are also plastic, dont know the make and model of the case since i re-used it from my last system, it works for 2 days at the house it was built at then it was transported to my house and worked there untill i started playing with bios memory settings and voltage for ddr2, all the wires were zip tied securely and neatly, i can post pics if needed

    since i did not buy any components online i will be going back to the store for them to test it (hopefully free) and replace whatever part thats fried....i think its the bios, but all the leds and fans still come on

    i dont think its a short because why would the case power up for a few hours after being transported to my house....more so, XP froze 3 times and then some dos recovery bios thing kicked in and then it began to loop in this reboot cycle.....

    so questions, what happens when :

    CPU fails:
    HDD fails:
    MB fAils :

    i have swapped ram and vc and the psu works because it momentarily turns the pc on

    i appreciate the help guys
  9. Maybe you fried something when you were playing around with the BIOS settings.
  10. I had a system do that once when the power button on the front panel shorted. It took me 2 weeks to convince the dell tech support people to send me a new button.

    They send me a new PSU, then a new CPU, then a new MoBo, then a new HD, then finally they sent me a switch. Which I had been asking for all along.

    Unplug the front panel from the mobo then short the power switch pins with a screwdriver or jumper and see if it still happens. If not get a new power switch, if yes then internal components are the problem.
  11. Also, be careful shorting things on the mobo with a screwdriver. There is a certain risk involved in doing that. You could fry other things :)

    If you dont feel comfortable doing that, then see if you can get another momentary switch to use or borrow a different case.
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