does anyone know how to dual boot from 2 different Drives

help im having real problems wiht my dual boot situation.

i have 2 8 160gb SATA (WesternDigital) Drive

one i have a comple Vista install (x64 HP) and on the other i aheva XP install.
my problem is that i can never got the Ntldr (or any otherloader to work)

when i installed XP i had to reset Vista masterboot record usin the system disc. so it can sh** out its new mbr over where XP was. for some reason when i put the motherboard to load the Vista drive first nothing happens. and if i run the system disc then i refuses to pivck up the vista install.

howeevr when i set it to load the disc with the XP install it happily see the Vista install sitting on the C:\ drive. (does that mean it pu the MBR on the XP's drive to redirect?)

however now XP wont load. i have tried using easy BCD to add XP to a choice of the OS's to choose from sending it to directory D:\. but when i select my new option in boot it say there is a corrupt boot something or other.

PLEASE HELP ME i really need this fixing soon.
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  1. Hey,

    I'll keep this as simple as possible.

    1. Install Windows XP to Drive 1. FULL format drive, NTFS.
    2. Intall Windows Vista to Drive 2. FULL format drive, NTFS.

    When you boot, make sure that the Drive 1, is selected first in your bios to boot. Vista will give you an option to either boot into Vista, or choose "Previous operating system".
  2. thank you very much, i can i clarify something when i isntall vsita, do i need to cahnge the primary boot device in Bios, do you have a similar rig?

    PS: if this work ill buy a pint :P
  3. Yes.

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  4. Quote:
    When you boot, make sure that the Drive 1, is selected first in your bios to boot. Vista will give you an option to either boot into Vista, or choose "Previous operating system".

    KISS! You don't change boot order, You boot from optical drive to install XP on disk1, then boot into XP to check it works. Boot from Vista DVD and install onto disk2, it will set up boot manager on disk1 as described.

  5. Install your OS of choice one at a time with only one drive installed in the PC.
    Then disconnect, and install the second HD. Install the second OS of choice.
    Install all OS" using this method. When done hook up all drives.

    Use your BIOS boot option to switch between OS. I have Three OS' installed on my DS3L based PC.

    If you use this method, the OS will have it's own MBR on each drive. You will not have to use a XP,Vista, or Linux boot loader to boot to a different OS.

    This has worked for me on my last two PC's, most newer Motherboards support the selection of boot devices.
  6. i faced that problem few days before .
    please :
    focus on the right setup order ,
    1;XP fist ,then the VISTA.
    2;if your fist got VISTA, please set XP on the other DISC , change the bios settings of drive mode (from sata to ata) . then it will be ok to
    setup the XP sys .
    after finished it ,put the VISTA disc in the cd-rom . run cmd ,tpye :
    "cd boot" then "bootsect /nt60 sys "

    wow ,wo got 2 sys in your drive .
    thanks in advance
  7. I have two drives one has Win Xp pro installed, The other has Dos. i need to setup this computer so that i can select dos to boot up occasionaly. I have tried using dosbox with no luck. The program i am running in dos requires a hardware lock. i have the hardware lock but dosbox does not see it. The dongle(hardware lock) is pluged in the parrael port. Any ideas
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