Q6700 - Can't get past 2.999 GHZ?

Hey guys! :D

- CPU: Q6700
- RAM: 4GB of ddr2 corsair ram (800mhz)
- If you guys want more informations, then ask away!

My problem starts when i try to push my CPU past 2,99 GHZ (FSB: 1199, Multiplier: 10). Basically all that happens is that my system wont start/boot, forcing me to clear the CMOS... I also tried to lower the speed of my ram to 600mhz, just to ensure that they weren't the source of the problem (or are they?).
And YES i did flash to the newest BIOS :D
I also tried 'upping' the vcore volt to somewhere between 1.4-1.5...

My BIOS settings:

------- CELL MENU -------

Current CPU Frequency: 2.66GHz (266x10)
Current FSB Frequency: 1067 Mhz
Current DRAM Frenquency: 800 Mhz

D.O.T. Control: Disabled
Intel EIST: Disabled
System Clock Mode: Manual
- FSB Clock (Mhz): 1066
- Memory Clock (Mhz): 800
Adjust CPU Ratio: 10

Advanced DRAM Configuration:
- Memory Timings: Manual
- tCL (CAS Latency): Auto
- tRCD: Auto
- tRP: Auto
- tRAS: Auto
- tRRD: Auto
- tRC: Auto
- tWR: Auto
- tWTR: Auto
- tREF: Auto
- Command Per Clock (CMD): 2T

Adjust PCI-E Frequency: 100

CPU Voltage: 1.325V
Memory Voltage: Auto
NB Voltage: 1.25 V
SB Voltage: 1.50
FSB VTT Voltage: 0%

Spread Spectrum Configuration:
- CPU Spread Spectrum: Disabled
- PCIE Spread Spectrum: Disabled
- CPU/LDT Spread Spectrum: Disabled
- SATA Spread Spectrum: Disabled

Any ideas?
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  1. I dont know if this will work however for the EVGA 680i it has a problem using a FSB between like 1580-1650 ish it could be that you motherboard has a small blind spot of FSB as it could be said, if i were you i would try and lower the multiplier to say 9 (normally u can decreease the multiplier even if the CPU is not an extream edition) and try and put the FSB higher to near its safe max FSB, this method could work or it may just be its max FSB speed you have reached
  2. Alright will try that
  3. Hey guys!

    I figured out why it wouldn't boot. All i had to do was to set the FSB VTT Voltage to 8% :D

    Thanks for the help!
  4. Hi there, I have a similar problem with my Q6700!

    I have the MSI P7 Diamond 780i SLI Motherboard with 4x1GB OCZ1066mhz ram in dual channel. I can't clock past 3ghz and then it becomkes unstable. If I run 3DMark for example the system crashes. Anything over 3ghz then forget it, instant crash. I have heard of these processors reaching 3.2 to 3.4ghz easy. My cooling is ok as I am using an Arctic Freezer and the temps never go over 40deg even at 3ghz.

    Any advice greatly received
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