another 8800gts 512 problem

Hello all, I'm having problems with my evga 8800gts 512 card. heres my rig specs: evga 8800gts 512, q6700, evga 780i mobo, 825watt pc power&cooling psu, and 8gigs of mushkin pc6400 ram, running vista home premium 64bit. So I ran 3dmark06 and got a 8k, I believe I should be getting somewhere around 13k with nothing overclocked. I have heard people saying its a driver issue so I downloaded the latest nvidia driver and i still got the same score, also 3dmark06 is only giving my q6700 a score of 2k-ish which to my knowledge it should be at around 4k I dunno if this is my video card or motherboard. I already updated my evga 780i mobo with the latest bios. I'm going to now attempt to update my video card bios and see if that does anything. if anyone has an idea's/thoughts feel free to post
going to take a look in the bios because something def seems wrong, 3dmark06 scores my q6700 at 2376
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  1. ok i'm 75% sure that I fixed it, after I updated my mobo's bios it set the cpu multiplier down to 7, so I set it back to 10 and Im gonna run 3dmark and see what happens
  2. yup it was due to a low cpu multiplier, just finished running 3dmark06 and got a 12.1k stock clocks
    thanks for the help, consider thread closed plz
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