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So my rig isn't that great but it gets the job done very well. I dont have a problem i was just wondering. I have a AMD Athlon XP 2700+ on a Asus A7N8X-X Motherboard, 2.5 Gb's of ram, and a NVidia GeForce 7600gs video card. Outdated i know. My case Contains a Front intake fan, which is at the bottom, A rear exhaust fan, an Blowhole/ top exhaust fan, These 3 are all 80mm's. Then I have a 60mm Blowing onto my video card. I also have a Zalman CNPS7000B 92mm Aluminum/copper heatsink for my cpu. Now what Im wondering is my temps. Im using the Asus PC Probe to monitor my Motherboard and CPU temps, On idle my cpu is at 29c right now and on load it hits 35 to 40c top. my MB on idle is currently at 19c sometimes 18 even 17. but on load it hits 25 tops. What im wondering is, is this even possible on an aircooled system or is my pc probe wrong, Cause correct me if im wrong but those are some fantastic temps. I know its not a great system but even for todays standards it pretty good. Oh one more thing, I havent replaced my GPU heatsink but i was wondering whats the maximum temp a gpu can hit before some damage occurs i know they run hotter than cpu's but I currently have my 7600 overclocked, and its idle around 40 to 41c, and load at 60 to 61c, its stock clocks are core at 400 and mem at 270 and i have the core clocked at 500 and mem at 350 and it runs fantastic. I feel pretty confident about the overclock, but not so much about the stock cooler.
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  1. When you start, does BIOS report CPU model/speed correctly. Run CPU-Z and check everything is set correctly, you may have the wrong FSB.

  2. according to cpu magazine, the 2700+ runs around 68 watts. with that many fans, and the zalman, its very likely your temps on the processor are accurate. You've got a finely cooled... slow... system.
  3. Sounds like decent temps. I am running an AMD 5600+ X2 - OC'ed to 3.01GHz. It is idle at 28C-35C. Running Orthos at priority 9 for 2 hours it is maxed at 48C. I won't lie though, I like to live in a cool room, about 20C (68F).

    Once things hit about 50C I start to get a little nervous.

    Also, my MB temp is 40C most of the time. It only changes if I turn on the Smartfan feature in the BIOS (not same as Cool & Quiet). My guess is that after the CPU is cool, the fan slows - causing the chipset to heat up due to lack of airflow. This causes it to get up to 60C.
  4. whats your ambient room temperature? 19C for mobo seems just too low...
  5. yep bios and post are all right
  6. hahaha thanks rockbyter, yeah if only i had somemoney i would bump up to the current generation
  7. room temp is around 70 to 75, and i did have the cpu overclocked to 2.33 ghz and it was on load at i think 45 and idle at 32c
  8. Nice CPU temps. My X1650XT got up to 80C. In other words your GFX temps look to be OK also.
  9. looks just normal ...
    to be known , even the temp 80 C alse just OK.
  10. Your mainboard seems to be cooler than the ambient room temperature... Cool!
  11. OMG, use coretemp for an accurate reading, PCProbe blows

    corrected spelling
  12. grieve said:
    OMG, use coretemp for an accurate reading, PCProbe blows

    corrected spelling

    :heink: . o O (on an old Athlon XP 2700+?)

    CoreTemp wouldn't even work for my old P4. :lol:

    PCProbe should be good enough for him.

    Supported Processors (For CoreTemp)


    All Phenom series.

    All Athlon64 series.

    All Athlon64 X2 series.

    All Athlon64 FX series.

    All Turion64 series.

    All Turion64 X2 series.

    All Sempron series. (K8 based)

    Single Core Opterons starting with SH-C0 revision and up. (K8 based)

    All Dual Core Opteron series. (K8 based)

    All Quad Core Opteron series. (K10 based)
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