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Some of you may remember me from nov.-dec. of 2007. If not, it doesn't really have too much relevance to what I'm trying to get across now.

Basically, I built a computer last December. So far, it's been great. (thanks to you guys) I've recently gotten a free genuine copy of xp. I want to reformat because of xp and also I want to get rid of various software en mass, but...

1) What is going to happen when I try to activate vista again? Will microsoft somehow know that I am just reinstalling on the exact same machine? It should be noted that I purchased the "OEM system builders" dvd off of newegg.

2) I'm probably not going to do this, but I was wondering if it is possible to do a triple boot of Vista 64, XP, and the latest Ubuntu(linux).

3) If I do go ahead and do this reformat should I just use the vista partition manage to wipe all clean and then go format it later with the ubuntu live cd?

Thank you and very much appreciated,
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  1. 1. If you have the OEM package, if all the hardware is the same, it will install without an issue. If you've changed hardware, it won't allow you to install and ask for you to call microsoft.

    2. It is possible, but you need to partition your drive into 3, or have 3 separate disks. Make sure you don't over estimate or under estimate the amount of space needed for each partition, or you can end up losing space you need by placing too much on one partition and less on another.

    3. I have no experience with vista partition manager...I haven't used vista yet, so I'll let someone else answer this one.
  2. ok, thanks for all of your help. ^_^

    Everything is the same, so I imagine everything will work nicely.
  3. Even if you have to activate you'll either do it on line or get a number to call. Takes about 10 minutes if that incluidng wait time. If it's a new copy of XP, should just be able to activate on line
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