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I am currently deployed to Al Udeid AB Qatar. The base is starting to put WiFi pretty much every where however, in my trailer I can only get maybe 1 - 2 bars but, it’s not enough to connect to it and sometimes I can’t even see it. I am pretty sure the walling of the trailer has been reinforced with steel. I do have a window but, it is facing away from the trailer that has the router in it. If I walk about 30 feet out the door I can pick up the signal pretty good about 4 bars. My question is if I got a high gain wifi adaptor do you think I would be able to pick up the signal from my room? Here is the adaptor I am looking at. Its made by ALFA.

If you’re wondering why I don’t just walk outside it’s because in about a week it will be hitting 100* - 120* outside and even at night it will be 90* with pretty much 100% humidity. So, I would really like to stay inside as much as possible.

Thank you for your responses.
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  1. It sounds like a range extender will definitely suit your needs. The product you mentioned appears to be omni-directional, and I think a powerful directional antenna would work much better in your case (you point the antenna towards the signal).

    This is what I use and the product I would recommend for you:

    Although your linked product boasts "500mW of power which is more powerful than any other WiFi adapter on the market", that's actually a very standard transmit power, and equal to that of the Wi-Fire.
  2. Thanks for the reply back. I was also looking at that one but, I can't point it at the source from my room unless just pointing it at the wall will work. Which probably wouldn't work any better right? I would just attach it to the top of the building and run the USB through the window but, I don't think uncle same would like that......
  3. Well, for your computer to be able to be able to connect at all, WiFi signals must be able to penetrate the trailer walls/door/windows somehow. One of the good features of the Wi-Fire is its graphing option which allows you to track the signal strength while pivoting the antenna around to determine which is the best way to point the thing. Whether the antenna is directional or omni-directional shouldn't have any impact on its ability to penetrate walls, as this is more of a fault of WiFi signals in general. Rather, directional antennas increase your likelihood of connecting from greater distances, whereas omni-directionals offer the ability, as clearly stated in their name, to connect in any direction. Just remember that if one directional and one omni-directional have the same transmit power, the directional antenna is using its full power in one direction (towards the access point) while the omni-directional's power is being split up in 360 degrees.
  4. I am looking to buy a high gain solution to bridge my home network with a work location which is about 300 feet away in direct line of sight if I put the antenna on top of my house. This means I need to put a 100 foot cable at the output and a directional antenna on my chimney.

    Has anyone here had some experience doing this with this device ?

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