2400XT Issues: Somebody Please Help!!!

Hello everyone. Just to let you know, I'm new here, and have little to no technical knowledge regarding hardware- or software-related problems. So here's my dilemma -

I recently received a new Gateway GT5662 off of Newegg.com, and the specs are as follows:
500GB Hard Drive
AMD Phenom 9500
ATI 2400XT
Windows Vista Home Premium (32-bit)
Envision 20.1" Widescreen LCD

This computer was great out of the box and still runs perfectly, with the exception of when I decide to run Counter-Strike or Half-Life 2, where it will run for about 2-3 minutes before the screen flickers, blackens, and the game quits back to the desktop, with an "Engine Error" message popping up, reading: "failed to lock vertex buffer in CMeshDX8::LockVertexBuffer"

I figured this could be due to faulty graphics drivers on the 2400XT or, perhaps ATI Catalyst Control Center. So, I went to the ATI website and tried downloading the latest driver for both (Catalyst version 8.2 I believe) and yet the same problem keeps happening! I even tried disabling CCC at startup but nothing seems to fix it...Could it possibly be a problem with any of the other components on my system???

The driver I have for my 2400XT is "Driver Packaging Version 8.453-080122a-059347C-ATI" and for Catalyst its 08.2

I figured at first this could be a problem with the monitor (maybe a problem with my wiring), but that wouldn't make sense because its connected via a single DVI cable to my graphics card. When I ask windows to find a solution online for the problem, it recommends contacting ATI (to which they've been no help - so far) and download the latest drivers, which I have already done. Please, I have been working for almost a month now trying to get this stupid computer to work!!!

Any advice and/or insight into this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Try reinstalling drivers.
  2. I initially thought about that but couldn't figure out how to install new drivers (I mean besides obviously downloading other drivers from Ati's website..), because i wasn't sure how to remove all of the 8.2 drivers...any advice on how to do that?
  3. are you using vista? Uninstall drivers in "Control Panel"---> "Program and Features" Find ATI drivers and CCC driver panel. uninstall. Download latest drivers from AMD and double click the downloaded program. Voila.
  4. ah, I wish it was that easy...
    Went and downloaded latest drivers for both catalyst and GPU drivers, and yet the problem won't go away: the same "failed to lock vertex buffer in CMeshDX8::LockVertexBuffer" message keeps appearing after counter-strike closes!!!
    there's also another error dialog in the toolbar tray reading:
    "atikmdag stopped responding and has recovered sucessfully"

    any other ideas?
  5. you are having software/drivers issues. nothing more. Get someone to help you.
  6. i thought that is what i posted this problem on here to do...ive seriously tried everything and nothing seems to work. maybe gateway just screwed up putting the comp together...? although ive read other reviews on this comp and nobody else seems to be having problems so im just gonna go order an 8600gt if i cant get this stupid piece of crap card to start working !!!

    and now the entire screen starts to artifact without games running...its even artifacting right now!!
  7. You need to call Gateway tech support, because there could be other issues involved. It's probably a driver issue, but you never know with proprietary aspects of OEM PC's. Dell, for example, used to require their own version of ATI drivers and didn't like ATI's reference drivers some years ago.

    After you uninstall drivers, you normally have to reboot in VGA mode to install the new drivers, then you reboot back into Windows and everything is okay. If that doesn't work, then call Gateway and don't let them blame ATI, telling you to call them!

    VGA mode is entered through a menu you get when you hit F8 on reboot.
  8. i really think it's drivers... do what yipsl said...
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