HELP! new build 680i BSOD on vista install!

hello all, I just received the parts to build my computer but I am having issues trying to install windows vista business 64 bit. I keep on getting a BSOD of 0xD1 when vista is starting to install. the BSOD says also Driver_Irq_Not_less_or_equal and nvstor.sys. my specs

Q6600 (no oc)
EVGA (T1) 680i
evga 8800GTS (g92)
crucial ballistixs 2x2GB DDR2800 4-4-4-12

I am very frusterated with this issue. I have the full story but y'all don't want to bored with it unless you think it would be needed.

Please help I have exhausted all that I know.
I have done so far is I flashed the BIOS with P30 (didn't realize that there was p32 out so going to try that now), done the memory game (switched/change the memory in all slots by themselfs and in pair), and even tried different memory that is known good. so I am at a lost, any help is appretiated.
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  1. First thought- Hard Drive set to emulated IDE mode in the BIOS?
  2. I do believe so
  3. I have a evga 680i
    q6600 OC 3.0ghz
    4x1 g xms2 ddr2 800mhz ram
    2x wD caviar 300g harddrives in raid 0
    runs vista home premium 32 bit great.Im waiting on 64b disk to give it a try
  4. sorry to double post but had to say. That board does have a problem installing windows if you are running Ide harddisk and cd drive on the same cable. it is setup for sata periphials. i dont know how your setup is but i hope this helps
  5. I also have a evga 680i board.

    There is a glitch that can happen where installing Vista will BSOD when you have 4 gigs of ram installed.

    Take out one of the chips, finish the install and put it back. Should work fine afterwards.

    If I remember correctly they error code was something like 0x00000000a.
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