Which system is better??? PLZ HLP!!!

Im building a new system and was looking for some input as to which would be faster plz help
1200 watt psu
3x Geforce 8800 GTX
QX 9650 Cpu
780i MOBO
WD SE16 WD7500AAKS Hdd 750GB
ddr2 800 Patriot viper 4GB

1200 watt psu
2x HD 3750 x2
QX 9650 Cpu
WD SE16 WD7500AAKS Hdd 750GB
OCZ Flex XLC Liquid cooled DDR3 1600
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  1. Correction HD 3870 x2
  2. Hmm...Considering the nehalem is around 10 months away for extreme edition, this is what I'd recommend.

    2x 8800 GT (don't go overboard, the g80 architecture is old, g100 will be around q3/q4)
    or a single 3750x2
    X38 based board or 780/790 based on your video card choices.
    Only go ddr2 ram, ddr3 isn't worth it atm

    That's what I'd recommend..Why?

    Save your money for Nehalem, considering how vast the performance increase of these new products will be, and how long nvidia has had to tweak their upcoming g100...it would be unwise to dump THIS much money into a rig like that.

    This is my opinion though...Use this for a bit, than when Nehalem comes out, nab a extreme edition, which would OBLITERATE the core 2 architecture, after all, they are stating core 2 to nehalem will be an even larger gap in performance compared to the previous netburst to core transition. So you may have a uber rig for a little while if you go all out now, but it won't last as nearly as long by toning your choices down slightly, and go crazy at years end.

    Also, if you want, you could go DDR3 now, that way you can migrate it into the Nehalem based board...BUT...prices will drop, best to nab ddr2.

    Now I know this is probably NOT what you want to hear, but something like this will handle anything you throw at it (except crysis, but that won't be handled well till the upcoming new architectures, or maybe even the one after that). But this way, you'll have the mac daddy of a rig that will have bragging rights, and peformance to back it up for a while, g80 is old, r700 is around the corner, same with g100, nehalem at years end. If you buy this now, you can brag for 8-9 months on the cpu, and 4-6 months on the graphics cards. When nehalem midranges hit the market (early q1 2009), they will decimate your extreme edition penryn, while in q4 2008, nehalem extreme edition will make the extreme edition penryn a laughing stock. Not much bragging rights if you ask me...=P...

    But if you just get something still extremely powerful now, but cheaper, and wait for Nehalem and the new architecture, you'll have gpu's that you can brag about for 12+ months, and a cpu that will hold it's own for 2 years as a extreme edition. much better route that will live longer than wasting all that money now..

    Once again probably not what you want to hear, But the safest and smartest way to make sure your rig kicks ass for years to come.
  3. Crossfire scales better, i'm pretty sure CrossfireX is still in beta and not performing up to par. What resolution will you be running at?

    Note the 780i is just a revised 680i, i would wait for the 790i.
  4. 1900x1200
  5. Well, I guess that means he just ignored everything I said....LOL..

    Fine then! Waste your money -_-....lol =P

    you'll be kicking yourself once you see the performance of just two g100 decimating your tri sli gtx's, as well as Nehalem dominating the charts =P.
  6. My guess: two HD 3870X2 should be very close to 3 8800GTX (because Crossfire is better than SLI). They will win in some games and lose in others, so there's no simple answer to your question. Anyway, for now nobody knows for sure because drivers are not ready yet for two HD 3870X2. We'll know in March.

    If you really want a kick-a$$ setup try this:


    + best Phenom you can find
    + 4 HD 3870X2 cards.

    The CPU will be slower than the QX9650 but $1000 cheaper and still limited by the hard disk, so you won't lose much there. By the way, AMD calls this sort of setup "Spider", no idea why. You can Google it to read more about it.
  7. I didn't ignore you i was just answering the other guy i actually agree with you kamrooz i was just trying to see if cross fire x or tri sli was better with current tech
  8. Ahhh k ^.^

    In terms of Crossfirex, We'll have to wait until next month. I have to admit I'm quite intrigued at how it will perform. Crossfire scales very well, so I'm curious on a dual 3870x2 solution would run. Just gotta be a little more patient.

    Crossfire does indeed have betting scaling, dual 3870's in games that can take advantage of it pretty much have double, or nearly double the frame of a single 3870.

    That's unfortunate for Nvidia though, SLI in good scenarios gives roughly 30-35% in titles that handle it well.

    There are always games that cater to one, but if it wasn't for Nvidia's dominance in actual single card performance, ATI would be stealing the show.
  9. Stay away from amd's spider setup, a high end intel setup is better.
  10. but, will not last long... after all, EVERYONE buying intel loses their upgrade path as soon as nehalem comes
  11. yeah but they still have great processors amd fanboi :)
    not some amd rubbish
  12. true, but then again, he might see platform longevity as an issue...

    for your reference, i'll be running an intel for the next few years :P
  13. i was just trying to see if cross fire x or tri sli was better with current tech
  14. Well, ask again later. Since the 3870X2 CF drivers aren't ready, any benchmarks you'll find on the Web in the near future are lies.
  15. I cant justify a $1000+ CPU when one that cost 800-900 less can perform just as good. Crossfire has my vote.
  16. they dont preform just as well they are worse the cpu and cross fire have nothing to do with each other you make no sense
  17. amd_fanboi said:
    true, but then again, he might see platform longevity as an issue...

    for your reference, i'll be running an intel for the next few years :P

    welcome to the dark side :)
  18. klobnitrones said:
    they dont preform just as well they are worse the cpu and cross fire have nothing to do with each other you make no sense

    Your nuts if you dont think a lesser CPU over clocked can run as well as a extreme. I never said the cpu and cross fire were related. Sober up before you try to read or grab some hooked on phonix. I simply was stating that a cheaper CPU can run with the extreme when overclocked and I would choose the crossfire card over the sli card.

    FYI: The difference of the extreme vs the regular CPU is multiplier and cache. Cache has been proven not to make any major improvements.

    Dont bash other people when you no nothing about what you are talking about. It makes you look as dumb as you are.

    Maybe if you had more then 11 post you might pass as knowing what you are talking about.
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