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I just ordered a Giga-Byte EX38-DS4 motherboard and I would like to have few info on the drivers installation procedure.

I know that there's a Raid controller : Intel ICH9R Driver and, knowing I do NOT intend to use the Raid functionality, I would like to know which driver to install.

Indeed, on the Giga-Byte website, I can see 2 kind of drivers for the ICH9R chipset : the ICH9R SATA RAID driver and the ICH9R "Preinstall" driver ( having to be loaded by pressing F6 during Windows setup to read from floppy).

My question is : do I have to install both ? Or only the SATA RAID one ? If I don't install the "Preinstall" driver, are there risks I could experience some issues ? Some unrecognized devices ?

If I have to install the "Preinstall" driver, how shall I manage knowing I have no more floppy disk on my machine ? ( and I can't really borrow one or take one from another machine ).

Finally, knowing my configuration will be have the procesor Intel Q9450 with the ram OCZ DDRII 2 x 1 Go PC8500 SLI-Ready Edition ( ref. OCZ2N1066SR2GK ), will it be difficult to overclock the processor to reach 3Ghz ?

Could someone either give some steps/software I should download to overclock or point to an article about overclocking that board ?
I don't want to go too high in the speed as I want to keep the system cool and obtain full stability without tuning things for hours ...

Thanks in advance for your help

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  1. >>My question is : do I have to install both ?

    If you're not using RAID, neither.

    look through this forum, the overclocking questions have been answered in other threads.
  2. If you are not going to use the RAID functionality, don't install the raid drivers. All you really need is the chipset drivers.

    I'm not familiar with the pre-install driver.

    If you decide to run AHCI/RAID mode (native SATA), you will need the intel drivers if you are on XP - I believe Vista has SATA drivers built-in. On XP, these can be tricky to install, but I believe there is information how to do it on this forum. WinXP will not boot in AHCI mode.

    I have been running in AHCI mode in XP for about a month now, and I do not see much of a benefit in doing so - it actually takes longer to boot while waiting for the SATA controller to detect drives (10-15 seconds longer). One benefit is drive hotswapping, but I have yet to use that.
  3. Thanks for the info !
  4. The "pre-install" driver is the version of the raid driver you put on a floppy and install, by pressing f6, the the very beginning of the Windows XP installation. XP, by default, will detect a very limited amount of hardware on install and almost any 3rd party raid driver will need to be "pre-installed" so that when Windows begins its installation it will be able to read the raid array.
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