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Giga-Byte EX38-DS4 drivers and overclock

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March 29, 2008 5:43:35 PM


I just ordered a Giga-Byte EX38-DS4 motherboard and I would like to have few info on the drivers installation procedure.

I know that there's a Raid controller : Intel ICH9R Driver and, knowing I do NOT intend to use the Raid functionality, I would like to know which driver to install.

Indeed, on the Giga-Byte website, I can see 2 kind of drivers for the ICH9R chipset : the ICH9R SATA RAID driver and the ICH9R "Preinstall" driver ( having to be loaded by pressing F6 during Windows setup to read from floppy).

My question is : do I have to install both ? Or only the SATA RAID one ? If I don't install the "Preinstall" driver, are there risks I could experience some issues ? Some unrecognized devices ?

If I have to install the "Preinstall" driver, how shall I manage knowing I have no more floppy disk on my machine ? ( and I can't really borrow one or take one from another machine ).

Finally, knowing my configuration will be have the procesor Intel Q9450 with the ram OCZ DDRII 2 x 1 Go PC8500 SLI-Ready Edition ( ref. OCZ2N1066SR2GK ), will it be difficult to overclock the processor to reach 3Ghz ?

Could someone either give some steps/software I should download to overclock or point to an article about overclocking that board ?
I don't want to go too high in the speed as I want to keep the system cool and obtain full stability without tuning things for hours ...

Thanks in advance for your help

April 1, 2008 10:24:35 PM

>>My question is : do I have to install both ?

If you're not using RAID, neither.

look through this forum, the overclocking questions have been answered in other threads.
April 4, 2008 9:42:53 PM

If you are not going to use the RAID functionality, don't install the raid drivers. All you really need is the chipset drivers.

I'm not familiar with the pre-install driver.

If you decide to run AHCI/RAID mode (native SATA), you will need the intel drivers if you are on XP - I believe Vista has SATA drivers built-in. On XP, these can be tricky to install, but I believe there is information how to do it on this forum. WinXP will not boot in AHCI mode.

I have been running in AHCI mode in XP for about a month now, and I do not see much of a benefit in doing so - it actually takes longer to boot while waiting for the SATA controller to detect drives (10-15 seconds longer). One benefit is drive hotswapping, but I have yet to use that.
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April 5, 2008 10:14:42 AM

Thanks for the info !
April 5, 2008 1:10:26 PM

The "pre-install" driver is the version of the raid driver you put on a floppy and install, by pressing f6, the the very beginning of the Windows XP installation. XP, by default, will detect a very limited amount of hardware on install and almost any 3rd party raid driver will need to be "pre-installed" so that when Windows begins its installation it will be able to read the raid array.