120mm Fans for CM RC-690

I'm not sure this is the right place for this, but here it goes...... I am looking for a few 120mm fans for my Coolermaster RC-690. I want to put 2 in the top positions and add one to the bottom near the PSU. I also want to add another fan to the front as an intake. I have read that for horizontal mounting you should not use sleeve bearing, only ball bearing. Is this really an issue or just more of a suggestion? What problems could occur by using a sleeve bearing fan mounted horizontally?

These are the fans I am considering...


At 88 CFM it sounds like it would move a ton of air which I could really use, but the 40db seems a bit high. Since these are the first fans I am buying I'm not really sure how loud that is though. Compared to the sound my 780i NB fan makes, I can't imagine it being much louder .


Still a decent 70.5 CFM, but also a lower 33db.

Also, since my 780i has 5 3pin fan connections I will have to run some of these fans off of the PSU and thus won't be able to slow them down to decrease noise. My top priority is cooling, but noise is a factor. I t doesn't have to be silent, but I don't want them to be extremely loud.

Any other suggestions for reasonably priced fans that have reasonable shipping costs that are less than the price of the fan ;) would be appreciated.
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  1. yate loon makes good fans. I'm running 3 of them now. The ones i have are less cfm and less noise, but they work fine for me, keep my oc'd e6750 and 8800gtx cool. I'd go for the medium speed ones myself, since I don't like a lot of noise. High-speed fans have a nasty habit of making noise even at low rpm's. Hopefully, your motherboard allows fan control based on thermals, or at least allows you to adjust manually. If not, i'd get a cheap fan controller.

    those are about the best deal you're going to find, unless somebody is running an awesome free shipping promo. 4 great fans for $20? You could easily spend more than that one ONE s-flex that will perform about the same.
  2. I have on extra fan in my 690 (just another of the blue CoolerMaster ones) in the top position.
    You will really struggle to get one in the bottom next to the PSU, it is extraordinarily tight once you have PSU cables there.
    Airflow with the 4 fans I have is very good!
  3. Just a quick note: DO NOT get the 40db fans unless you're deaf or will be wearing headphones. I made the mistake when I was in your position of buying one that moved a lot of air but was 40db. I could hear the fan (yes, just one!) two floors up on a split level house! The whole family complained about, and I eventually got a TT Thunderblade rated for ~30db; it wasn't silent but it was much better.
  4. Hey man, I have the CM 690 case as well, it's definitely a great case. I went with 90mm Arctic Cooling PWM fans, which are awesome AND quiet. A quick Newegg search brought up some 120mm fans for about $10 each. I'd recommend those.

    As far as the bottom fan, I'd recommend removing the power supply, installing the fan, then putting it back in. Installing a 120mm with the PSU in place would be tricky. I don't know about you, but I also had to do some wierd gymnastics with the screws to get it to really hold the fan in place.

    With 6 90mm fans, my case stays cool as ice, so I can only imagine that 120mm fans will be really nice. Trust me, you'll like how quiet the Arctic Cooling fans are. Good luck!

    One other thought... The Arctic Cooling fans have their own method of being PWM... they daisy-chain the pwm from the proc socket, and you can plug the 3-pin connectors in wherever you want.
  5. Thanks for the help guys! Anyone using a sleeve bearing fan mounted horizontally?

    Any reason why you went with the coolermaster fan? They seem high priced for pretty low CFM. I see you have a 850w PSU. Myabe it's longer than my HX620? It does look like it will be tight though.

    Thanks for putting that into perspective. So do you think the second fan I posted at 70.5 cfm and 33dba will be acceptable, or is that still too loud. I definitely don't seem to be getting enough airflow with the stock fans, even at 100%. If not, are there any other fans I should be looking at that are high cfm, low db?
  6. http://www.thermaltake.com/product/DCfan/LEDfan/thunderblade/thunderblade120/thunderblade120.asp
    Check out something like this, it's not overly loud and it moves lots of air.
  7. carquote said:

    Any reason why you went with the coolermaster fan? They seem high priced for pretty low CFM. I see you have a 850w PSU. Myabe it's longer than my HX620? It does look like it will be tight though.

    I'm in the UK, so perhaps prices are different?
    I went with the CM fan anyway, because I knew they were fairly quiet (as they're in the case already :)) and I liked the blue LEDs! :lol:
    They shift a fair amount of air and they're rated at 21db I think @ 1000RPM normal operating speed.
    No problems with them at all. I'm like you, I like it quiet but cool :)
    There is a chance my PSU maybe longer, there are some snaps inside my case on a thread I started in graphics and displays called 'GTX to SLI'd GTXs, anything needed?' with a few pictures in the case if you want to see (they're focused more onto my video cards though.)
  8. I also like 120mm Yate Loons, great price ($5.63/ea @ DirectCanada.com).

    45 CFM @ 24DB for the Ball bearing and 47 CFM @ 28DB for the sleeved. Have always got the job done for me w/o much noise.

    I try not to put sleeve bearing fans horizontally, they're best used vertically whereas ball bearings are best for horizontal use (lifetime/noise). At least that's how it used to be and I've just always kept doing that :)
  9. Antec Tricool are good ones too, and they also have 3 pins, with an integrated fan controller for the noise. But I think they move a bit less of air... But they are real quiet.
  10. What are the quietest fans you can buy? Thats what I want.
  11. http://www.jab-tech.com/Yate-Loon-140mm-Case-Fan-D14SL-12-pr-4032.html

    Why not go 140mm??? I have 5 of em in my CM690 that are volt modded to run at half speed. Case is almost silent and its not more than 3 feet from my head....

    Here are some pics of my case, fans and a mod I did for more airflow....

    the mod....

    1 140mm on the bottom near the PSU

    2 140mm at the top of the case blowing out

    And I have a 140mm on the side panel blowing to my vid card
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