Newest 8800GT drivers? I'm confused...

I got an XFX 8800GT and downloaded the latest driver from XFX's website, which is "( - nVIDIA ForceWare 169.32)"

When I run a scan from, it says its outdated. So I load up this program called driver genius which tells me what I'm not up to date with and it tells me is the latest for my card, and the filename for the zip is "". No word on this on the 8800GT site on both XFX and NVIDIA, so what is this? Is it legit? I don't think I have a quadro card either...
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  1. I wouldn't worry about it, but if you want the latest 8800GT win XP 32-bit drivers not even on NV's site, go to guru3d.

    I am using the 171.23 betas which they say in the forum have now passed WHQL.

    Or they list the 171.17 WHQL drivers too:

    They aren't for all Geforce cards but are for most of the GF8's anyway. Not sure beyond that why NV is so slow to post them on their site.
  2. Wow. I just check nVidia's site for simplicity sake. I had no idea they were up to 171 now. Thanks for the links Pauldh!

    EDIT: Downloading the new 174.12 tonight! Yay. My poor wife, she is probably so sick and tired of watching the Crysis, COD4, UT3, and 3dMark06 benchies...

    Me: Hey sweetie, check this out! Look how much smoother it is! Wow, doesnt that look awesome?!?!?
    Her: Whats different about it? Looks the same as the last ten times you showed me.
    Me: Its smoother...see here, the FPS? Im getting 2 to 3 more frames per second!! That is sick!
    Her: Oh....3 more frames per second. Wow.
  3. Glad to help. I'm with you, I usually just check NV's site too. But running SLI, I thought I'd grab them and give them a go. I can't say I notice performance increases, but foricing fsaa in game profiles seems to be easily working now, which was hit and miss with the 169.28's I stepped up from.
  4. Thanks. Do I have to remove my old drivers, or can I just install these quickly?
  5. Yo need to at least remove the drivers through add/remove programs in control panel. Under Nvidia drivers, click remove only these drivers and click nvidia display drivers below that. Then reboot the machine and install the new drivers.
  6. Thanks again. Upgraded to 171.23. I think I've seen a tiny increase in 3D06 so that's cool.
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