AF7P Is great, but is there anything significantly better?

Here's the deal, I have a Q9550 running at 3.4 (400fsb) in an Antec 900 with the middle fan and the side panel fan attached. All fans are on low except huge top fan. Also, wiring is impeccable, incredible airflow. Anyways, I'm very pleased with my temps I'm just curious if there are any CPU heat sinks out there that will give me significantly lower temps (5C minimum, hoping for around 10C). Here are my current temps (Core Temp .99):

Core 0: 37C
Core 1: 31C
Core 2: 29C
Core 3: 41C

100% Load (Prime 95):
Core 0: 52C
Core 1: 42C
Core 2: 44C
Core 3: 53C

Upgrade to Sumbeam CCF, Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme, OCZ Vendetta 2, etc. worth it?
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  1. Personally ive had mixed results with my Xigamatek S1283. I have the NZXT Tempest which is preety much the same thing as the Antec 900 except the Tempest is a little larger, and has two 140mm fans up top. Using the Xiggy and the AC7 at 3.0ghz on my Q6600 netted the same temps idle and max load, but the AC7 could not handle this over 3.0 on full load without flying past 70c in Prime. However at 3.6ghz this Xiggy keeps this at around 68c-73c in a midly hot room after a run of Prime95.

    However your temps are very good, alot better than mine even after lapping the CPU and Xiggy. As long as you are under the thermal limit and hit your OC marks I see no reason to change coolers.
  2. i would recommend the xiggy or for a quieter option the OCZ V2?
  3. just before you goto buy another cooler why dont you try to lap it. i always tell people who bought the best price/performance ratio at the first place then got addicted to OC and wanted more. after you lap the ACF7P you can get about another 3-5C drop in temp and if you feel comfortable after lap the cooler lap the CPU as well which then will get you about 7-10C drop altogether.
  4. i just cbf lapping it -_-
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