4-pin vs. 8-pin 12V Connector? Quad Overclocking

I was reading up on the Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L mobo as a platform to overclock a Q6600, but then I read something at xbitlabs where they were trying to overclock a quad extreme CPU and managed to melt the 4-pin connector.

According to "siliconmadness", 4-pin mobos are no good for overclocking quad-cores, and an 8-pin 12v connector is required to deliver reliable safe power.

Anyone have experience with overclocking with 4-pin?

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  1. i ran my 3.2 GHz q6600 with 4 pins in the 8 pin connector with no issues for 2 weeks before upgrading the power supply for alternative purposes
  2. Many people here are running on P35-DS3x boards and do not have a problem with ocing the Q6600. It could have been a earlier revision of the board or the PSU itself. Note that they never said any thing about the PSU, not even the brand. If you used a tire 4 PSU and try OCing it most certainly will do some thing like this.

    The PSU was a SunbeamTech Nuuo SUNNU550-EUAP (550W).
    It is a Tier 3 PSU. Which I consider a low end for OCing on quad.
    (Had to use the Google Cache since the site was down)
  3. Thanks for the help. I guess I will have to get a new PSU then if I want to O/c a Q6600... I have a "Tier 4" Ultra Xfinity :(
  4. Yipes! Throw that thing in the trash.
  5. haha... it's really that bad? it's 500w (wattage calculator says i need only 421w) dual rail and has 8-pin 12v EPS connector, and... it's really shiny. but i guess this conversation belongs in the PSU forum.
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