VelociRaptor 300GB V.S. Caviar Black 640GB

You get twice the storage for half the price.
Will you really notice the difference in speed?

Just want some opinions on what you guys would prefer.

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  1. hmmm..., i had, both in two seperate machines... i have to say that i do not really notice any difference other than the Raptor is a little louder... The Caviar 640 Black is a GREAT Hard Drive!!! get that before the velociraptor...
  2. The Velociraptor is noticeably faster for hard drive limited applications (and is actually quieter than the Caviar Black - I have a pair of velociraptors and a Caviar Black 1TB, and the Caviar is noticeably louder than both velociraptors). Whether it is worth the money is up to you though - it is definitely a significant price premium.

    The older Raptors are definitely not worth it though - they are only slightly faster than the Caviar, and are quite a bit louder and more power hungry. The Velociraptor was a significant improvement over the older Raptors in every way.
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