Q6600/GA-EP45-DS3R voltage/voltage drop


New overclocker working with a Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3R MB and Q6600 G0. Overclocked easily to about 3.15Ghz, but getting to 3.2 and stable is a real issue. So far, temps are not a problem. Using Core temp and Real Temp. Both show high 30'sC at idle and a range at full load 61C-68C.

CPU 8 Multiplier, Bus speed @ 400 mhz = 3.2Ghz and 1600mhz FSB

NB at 1.2V (+.1V)

Memory Samsung DDR2-800 @ 6-6-6-18, 1:1 @ 2.1V

The issue is the voltages I have to run to get stable at this speed. I started at 1.38 and have been moving north at 1 increment at a time while testing Prime95.

I have several of issues.

1. There is a difference between what I set in BIOS vs no load and loaded core voltage displayed in CPU-Z. I have currently 1.480 volts selected in the BIOS, however @idle Core V shows 1.44 and a loaded Core V at 1.392 What is the the critical voltage? What is set in the BIOS,the no load Core V or loaded Core V?

2. Is this high of voltage reasonable?

3. Is the almost .1V drop at load normal?

4. Also, In moving up the voltage in seach of stability, I have had errors on 3 of the 4 cores. I would have expected the weakest one to have an error first and consistently. Any thoughts?

5. Can get this system to post at 9x400 (3.6Ghz), but no stability at all. How high in the voltage range should I go? Or is the another set of settings I need to try?
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  1. Just had a thought...could this be a PS issue? Have Apevia 500W, it puts out most of the heat in this system...

    In addition to the equipment above, have 2 Maxtor HD 1 80G and the other 1 Tb, 1 LG DVD read/write and PNY GeForce 8600 and a Belkin Pre-N wireless PCI card. Any suggestions on a program to add up the power requirements?
  2. WHAT??? 6-6-6-18?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!!!!!!! you have to be kidding me! OMG Samsung RAM?! wtf were you thinking??

    to find power consumption go to the thermaltake website and follow the links on the right hand side.
  3. no that voltage drop is normal just take it as it is.increase the FSB+NB voltage up a notch see if its stable if not increase 1 more notch.dont increase vcore anymore.in fact you want to lower it to 1.4V.remember set ram multiplier to 1:1
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