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I was wondering what everyone on here would recommend for 1000 or under on an intel chipset, i was thinking a q6600 on striker extreme with 8800 gts, but would like any and all recommendations as this is my first build
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  1. If I was going to build a machine right now:

    Antec Solo (chose this for its superior cooling and acoustic properties)
    Scythe Ninja
    3x 120mm Yate Loon fans (quiet and about 1/3 the price of equivalent fans)
    4gb DDRII 800
    Samsung Sh-S203B
    8800gt 512mb
    Zalman vf900 (HSF for the 8800gt)
    250-320GB HDD

    Comes out to ~1000 + shipping.

    *Note: Yate Loon is not sold at newegg*
  2. wouldn't ddr2 800 leave you in the dust if you were to overclock the fsb? and also would you prefer the antec 900 or the antec solo if price weren't involved?
  3. Overclocking the FSB to 400mhz (q6600 @ 3.6ghz), and the ddrII 800 is at a 1:1 ratio.

    I would prefer the antec solo personally, its quieter than the 900 (and the p180). But thats just because I like a silent system. Of course your free to choose any case you like :)
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