Seagate Free Agent Pro 1000GB Firmware Update Failed Help

I have the following troubles.
I have an external hard drive Seagate Free Agent Pro 1000GB.
Is not more then 2-3 month old. Always I had troubles to connect via eSata and when done the speed was not good as I expect.
Yesterday I found surfing the internet more people with the same troubles and a beta firmware from Seagate which suppose to solve the problem.
So, I downloaded the firmware update from Seagate's web site here
and proceeded to install it. The firmware updater appears to have been written in Java, for heaven's sake, but after two installs and two reboots, I had updated the drive's firmware. Here are screenshots of the update process, before applying the new firmware:

Now my hard disk is not recognized by the system it appears in windows xp pro as “Oxford USB Device, running upload acceleration fragment”
It is still in warranty but I’d like to recover my data.

I heard that the flash memory was a SST39LF200A, which is a Silicon Storage Technology128K x16 CMOS Flash and the controller is an Oxford Semiconductor OXUF924DSb.

Can anybody confirm and advice how to recover this drive.
If I open the drive I shall loose the warranty .
But if it is open and connected to the pc directely it will work sure?
If it is sure maybe I can recover my file like this.

Thank you for your fast answer
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  1. does the drive work when connected by USB or firewire? or is it at least recognized in the device manager? my external hard drive recently stopped appearing in my computer because somehow the drive letter got removed from it. make sure that didn't happen either. and if all this fails, i don't see why it wouldn't work if you connect the actual hard drive to the computer with the enclosure. these things are usually just standard hard drives with standard connectors. and since it seems like the firmware is in the enclosure and not the actual drive, it should work by removing it from the enclosure.
  2. Hello

    The hard drive is recognizing only in usb but as a” Oxford USB Device, running upload acceleration fragment”.
    Don’t appear in the device manager as a HD. It is an unknown device
    The lights don’t work anymore.
    I’d like eventually to open the box and try to connect directly at the pc to recover the files.
    I’m not sure if connected at the sata controller it will work
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