Raid 0 for the first time.

Hey, I decided to have a go at setting up a simple Raid 0 array (for a fresh install of Vista 64-bit) with two WD 500Gb Drives (Sata II, 7200rpm, 32mb Cache).
I've got a Asus P5Q-E Mobo with the built-in Raid Controller, I changed the setting on the Bios from IDE to Raid and when the PC boots up I have a couple of issues. The first is that the splash-screen is very slow which wasn't the case before. When the Intel Matrix Storage Manager crops up I can enter it by hitting ctrl-I, I then try to create a new volume. During this part I cannot actually choose the Drives to put onto the Array, it seems to go through the process but the volume is 900+ Gb....and I thought that on Raid 0 that it would be half of the combined drives.

Does it not give me the option of choosing Drives because I'm using the minimum already? And is there anything else in the Bios that I should have done?

Any help at this point would be welcome and appreciated.
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  1. Ok, I think I've made a little bit of progress with this, I've got to the point where Vista looks for Drivers for the Array on Installation. The only problem I have is that Vista isn't recognizing the Volume itself as a viable destination drive. I've already prepped the Drives, Initialised in Windows, Formatted....the only thing I'm not sure about is am I doing the right thing when I get Windows to Format the Drives as "Simple" instead of Striped, or does that only apply if I was doing Software Raiding?
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