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pls help i need advice would like to play all the original sims games but i need the sims patch to play them but i dont know how to get it installed on my partners computer i have tried every possible way but keep getting nowhere ps its urgent
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  1. Sims issue urgent?

    Sounds like the doctors I work with that put in requests to have an iPhone app installed, NEED GOLF GAME SETUP, URGENT!!!

    So you install the Sims disks, it will ask you to run updates when you start the game, do you say Yes to install them? If things are not working, need exact steps you took to install the games and any error messages.
  2. I am trying to go "old school" and play my old Sims games. However, once I get to Hot Date it comes up with an error. When I first install it, it works fine and I can play it. When I go to play it later though, it comes up with an error stating that I have installed something else past Hot Date, then it tries to uninstall it. I installed Vacation to see if it would over-ride the error but the same error comes up with it too.

    I have looked for patches to see if anything might help, but I am having a hard time finding anything. Any suggestions?
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