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At one of the IDF keynotes the other day, we launched, what we think is, the world's first overclocking magazine... The Overclocker. It's monthly and it's free and can be found at .

I'm very keen not to sound like a spammer here... I met one of your journalists and he liked the idea and said to mention it here.

We're not going to compete with anyone. We've not got our own website and we haven't got our own forums. Instead we're going to use forums like these to post questions and send readers here to answer them (or ask questions here and get the industry to answer them).

Because overclocking is global it doesn't matter what country you're in when you read this magazine. In our first issue we cover overclocking in Singapore and Asus' world championships held in Hong Kong. There's some great video interviews with the world's best too and the stars of the show are definitely Team USA (FUGGER & Gautham).

We've got a handful of reviews, reports on events, interviews with overclockers and the industry and reports on world record breakers. We want to act as a hub for the world's overclocking communities. Hopefully, we can work closely with the people on this particular forum.

Please let us know what you think... constructively please!

Best regards,

Nick, editor
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  1. cool im signing up now :)
  2. Sounds good, hope it works out for you. I signed up.
  3. is it like an emailed newsletter or a real magazine? im getting the vibe that its a magazine but... how are you gonna know where to ship and surely thats gonna cost a lot to ship a bunch of magazines all over the world!
  4. Have a look at the link on the site - click on the 'see latest issue button'

    Hopefully we'll be able to provide a printed version on request in the future.

    Best regards,

  5. Read it and signed up.
    Not a bad online publication.
    Nice to see such a niche market getting noticed with it's own long overdue publication :sol:
    Do you intend to keep it as an OC news and review publication or will you be writing any guides to help people with their max overclocks?

    May I suggest a minor reworking of the front page though?
    It is very big, bright and colorful and that helps to mask the dimly colored View the First Edition button.
    Perhaps move the prize drawing banner to under the registration block and make it page with?
    Perhaps it would be easier to locate the important links then.
  6. signed up already.great stuff!
  7. outlw6669 said:

    Not a bad online publication.
    Nice to see such a niche market getting noticed with it's own long overdue publication :sol:

    +1. Will sign up ASAP.
  8. It's a good read, just that little bit more in depth than my regular 'CustomPC' purchase. Keep it going :).

    Becoming that little bit more envious of people with access to LN2/Phase Change though :(.
  9. ^Very true. They won't sell LN2 to a 16 year old :(.
  10. I was thinking of the cost and storage :o more than age, but yeah :p . Work has some in a 10 gallon pot outside, but at £400 to get a container to transport it safely for a (in the end) suicide run, it doesn't seem feasible although it would be tremendously fun :D!
  11. yeah i think this really is a revolution... an internet magazine has the benefit of being able to show moving images/video, which a printed mag can't. Very high quality and made by australians! AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE! :)
  12. im thinking of ending my CustomPC subscription.
  13. lol i just started an APC subscription -_- oh well they got good reviews too... even if it's only half hardware :(
  14. bofore i buy Computer Shopper as well but their quality inside have gone down hill.sadly
  15. lol i don't even know what they are... not living in the UK or US has it's downsides unfortunately in relation to technology :(
  16. Computer Shopper + Quality LuLz!
    I used to subscribe to Computer Shopper back when it was still 2-3" thick.
    Never could locate any "Quality" articles inside :p
  17. i think computer shopper just a mix with everything in the computer world.not a interest to OCer anyway.
  18. Certainly not!
    At least it used to be a good place to locate parts before online sales got kicked off.
    Built me a few machines outta the "back" 75% of that magazine that was nothing but advertisements.
    A few years sure changes the playing field...
  19. lol now we are in the "E" world.paper base products is slowly drifting out.
  20. haha yeah most tech magazines have the last 25-75% of the mag devoted to full page ads hehe :P
  21. they sponsor the mag so they have to i guess.oh well!
  22. meh. good for comparing prices, although theres this thing called SHOPBOT! lol...
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