8800gts 512 cooling question


Does someone know a program that shows the gpu temperature while in-game and how cooled should the gpu be in-game ?

and about asus smartdoctor, when I am in the 'fan control' tab, what fan power level is high enough to keep the vga cooled ?
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  1. I use RivaTuner, it shows you pretty much everything you want to know (and probably more lol).

    In games, I've seen mine go has high as 77C, but I'm pretty sure that's well within what's expected from the chip.
  2. Ok, now I have tested the fan and it is really quiet when I set the fan power level on 35%, when I play crysis for 10 minutes the temp lays around 66C.
    This is cool enough to game with my vga for 2 years ? and if I play games alot longer,like 4 hours, is my temp going to be higher ?
  3. It might go higher until it hits its max from the buildup of heat like cpus.

    66C seems pretty good and it will not cause damage
  4. My brother is running an 8800ultra (90nm G80) that was breaking 85C and would occasionally hang and crash games. It dropped to high-70s after adding a cheap fan to the case blowing cooler air into the vid fan.

    Running under load at 77C is fine. The G92 (65nm) chip is rated to 100C!
  5. The Nvidia monitor will show you the temps. The card is built to run very hot, so don't worry.
  6. I have a thermalright gt on mine and that damn thing rocks mine "never" goes over 32c. I have a pretty decent overclock on it to.
  7. Hey true,

    What case do you have? Im considering getting the TR HR-03 GT but im not sure of its size. Does it come further out from the card very far?
  8. I have an Antec 900 case, cpu cooler is close lol. I have the Thermalright extreme on it. I almost didn't answer your question sorry, about 1" 1/2, I would say.
  9. YES, you have the exact same cooling setup I want to have!!! :bounce:

    Mind if I ask a couple questions.

    1) Which way is the TRUE facing? Horizontally (air out the 200) or normally?
    2) With the TRUE facing either way, does the HR-03 fit around the GPU or do u have yours toward the PSU.
    3) Sounds silly but with all of these coolers does the side fan still fit?? :pt1cable:

    Thanks for all the answers :sol:
  10. I don't think you need the side fan to be honest. I don't and mine is fine trust me. I don't think the fan would fit to be honest either, no. My Extreme is facing the back because when I had my 780i board with it facing up it pulled the heat off of the chipset and made the cpu hotter. I just figured hell with it and left it the same on this board as it would probably still pull some heat from this board as well "probably more because it doesn't have a chipset fan on it. The GT on the GPU will not sit on top of the card no, there isn't enough room it hits the chipset cooler on my board" I have it facing towards my Silverstone 750W Decatholon. My MB is a GA-P35-DQ6 which in my oppinion is the best damn board out there right now. You can't find them any where people wiped them all out fast and Gigabyte stopped making them for the GA-X38-DQ6. Sorry I'm rambling. Hope that helps. I have to go cuddle now :P.
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