DDR3 - 2x2GB 1333Mhz vs. 2x2GB 1600Mhz ?


This is a n00b question.

Let's pretend money is not an issue here (as if...!) :)

So, what I would like to know is what would perform better in an overclock?

> 2x2GB 1333Mhz Good RAM


> 2x2GB 1600Mhz Good RAM

I'm looking to build a PC with a 790i mobo + E8400 CPu that I plan on OC'ing. The FSB of the E8400 is only rated at 1333Mhz.
I guess by OC'ing this it will climb towards 1600?

If I get the 2x2GB of 1333Mhz RAM would I be limited by how much they can OC? Would it be better then to get the 1600 Mhz RAM?
With the idea of running the FSB and RAM in a ratio of 1:1.

I'm not really sure. *For the moment I'm not worried about cost* but I am curious in the answer...

Thanks for you help!
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  1. at stock speed on the e8400 a 1:1 ratio with ram will only require DDR2 667mhz... you should be able to get the e8400 to ~3.6ghz with ease on 1600FSB which will require DDR2 800mhz at 1:1
  2. Thanks for the note.

    I was looking more at DDR3 RAM. I did some more reading last night and I think the 1600Mhz RAM is the way forward as I'm not sure how for the 1333Mhz RAM will OC?
  3. What RAM do you tihnk would be better here:

    2x2GB Corsair TWIN3X 1600MHz DDR3 CL7-7-7-20


    2x2GB OCZ Platinum DDR3 1600MHz EB CL7-6-6-24

    Which is the better overclocker? The price difference between the 2 is about £150!!
    Not sure why the Corsair is is so much more? Is it *that* much better?

    I thought OCZ RAM was very good as well?

    Thoughts? Comments?

  4. OK, there's something you should know about RAM:FSB ratios. The RAM speed needs to be one half of the FSB speed. I could give you the technical explanation of why but it's really not necessary (unless you want to hear it, then just let me know ;-). So if you were not overclocking the E8400 and you wanted a 1:1 RAM:FSB ratio, you'd get DDR2 667 like chookman said. If you overclock to 3.6GHz, you'll need DDR2 800MHz (FSB will be 1600MHz). If you take the E8400 to ~4.0GHZ, you'll need to either overclock DDR2 800 or downclock DDR2 900 to ~888MHz. See the trend here?

    GL [:wr2] :D
  5. Thanks, I understand the FSB:RAM rations work, but only just :-D

    From what you are saying it seems DDR3 is a bit pointless? I know it would work with DDR2 but I'd like to get DDR3 RAM. I will be overclocking and will try to get above 3.6Mhz if I can.

    So I guess my question now is about the different 2x2GB RAM sticks. In your opinion, what would you think it better between those sticks?

    Bear in mind the £150 price difference :-+
  6. chemicallymark said:
    From what you are saying it seems DDR3 is a bit pointless? I know it would work with DDR2 but I'd like to get DDR3 RAM. I will be overclocking and will try to get above 3.6Mhz if I can.

    Yeah, you said what I was trying to. DDR3 is a bit pointless (right now). It's overpriced and doesn't even perform as well as DDR2 at the same speeds due to the looser timings. Even if you're going to overclock past 3.6GHz you could always get DDR2 1000, which would still be way cheaper and would have tighter timings. Not to mention it could take you up to 4.5GHz, which is one of the higher overclocks possible on an e8400 (excluding overclocks with LN2 of course :D).

    GL :sol: [:wr2]
  7. Haha, thanks for all the help.

    Now you've left me with the all consuming "what shall I do now"???


    I've made a list and read a bunch of stuff. Posted and read replies from Forum-ites such as yourself.

    I think I'll read my list one more time and just buy something. And then not read anything for several months or look at any new PC kit or the ever dropping prices!

  8. The 790i motherboards are expensive, and ddr3 only.

    For any ram you are considering, go to the ram vendor's web site and run their configurator to get a list of supported ram for your chosen motherboard.

    For anything but record setting overclocks, I don't think you need the most expensive.
  9. Thanks for your thoughts.

    Much appreciated!

    I have a DDR2 spec machine on my list as well :-D
  10. i've been using an e1200 (stock 1.6ghz / 800fsb) as a stepping stone before upgrading processor, which has been running nicely overclocked at 2.66ghz and fsb 1333, allowing a convenient 1:1 ratio with the 1333mhz ballistix ddr3 ram.

    Now i'm looking at the processor upgrade and thinking of a q9450 which already comes stock 2.66mhz / 1333fsb.

    my mobo supports fsb up to 2000, so i was ideally hoping to overclock the q9450 to around the 3.2ghz mark (1600 fsb) but if the mobo says supports ddr3 ram up to 1333mhz and the ram recommends 1333mhz would this mean that any overclocks are very limited?

    hope this makes sense, basically my main questions are;

    a) If the ram states it runs at 1333mhz, how far can you push it past this (i.e. would 1600mhz be possible)?

    b) If the mobo says supports ram up to 1333mhz, would it even allow you to push past this to achieve the 1600mhz for the 1:1 ratio?

    c) If not, what would be prefereable; leaving the cpu and memory at stock speed OR overclocking the cpu a lot (say nearer 2000fsb) and underclocking the ram slightly? OR Choosing a different cpu / ram combination / mobo that supports faster ram?

    any help very much appreciated
  11. and following from my last question, how much difference does running at other ratios like 1:2 or 5:8 actually have on your overall performance, does it make no difference or should you always try and run at 1:1 at all costs?

  12. it's been well over a month since my last post (above) and i'm sure many people across the globe are on the edge of their seats waiting to read my next update on this thread... but i'm afraid it's not good news at the moment

    already had:
    Asrock p45r2000 motherboard
    7900gt PCI-e XFX gfx card
    Hiper 530w modular psu

    i decided to buy:
    Intel Q6700 (2.66ghz 1066mhz 8mb 10 Multiplier)
    4gb (2 x 2gb) of Crucial Ballistix DDR3 1333mhz ram

    I install the processor and a stick of 2gb and overclock the clock to 333mhz, the multiplier to 10 and set the dram speed to DDR3 1333, to sync 1:1 with the fsb. All works very well, 3.3ghz done prime and temps dont go above 55.

    Then I shutdown, take out that stick and put in the other 2gb stick and test under the same settings. All fine again.

    I power down, put both sticks in, same settings and it either beeps or hangs barely gets past post and have to keep restarting until i can get back into bios settings.

    the motherboard manual says it can take up to 8gb ddr3 ram and specifically says it can run ddr3 1333mhz with an fsb of 1333. the jumpers for the fsb are set correctly to 1333mhz. fsb options on the motherboard claim to support up to 2000mhz, and the dram up to ddr3 1333mhz.
    i've pushed the voltages up a little bit so that there shudn't be any problems there, dram voltage from 1.77 up to 1.88 (about the maximum safe limit really) and the cpu voltage to about 1.28 (seems a reasonable setting) and notched NB voltage up a touch to the very specific "High" option.

    i am almost certain its the ram thats misbehaving, because i can reduce the dram to 1066 and push the fsb beyond 1333mhz with the cpu up to about 3.4ghz and still appearing to be stable, but i cannot seem to get the 4gb ram to run at 1333mhz even if i set the cpu multiplier way down to 8 so that fsb=1333 and cpu= 2.66ghz.

    am baffled as to why this might be, i tried doing memtests hour each and both no errors, have tried disabling the memory remap feature, that just changes the ram value on post screen to 3246mb or something instead of 4096 but the same problems occur. tried switching from the 2 green slots to the 2 pink slots.. the list goes on.

    am at my wits end, could it be:
    a) a power supply problem (imo my hipers a solid performer so unlikely)
    b) a fault with one of the ram sticks
    c) voltage needs upping more
    d) timing settings / some other bios setting

    any ideas please? thanks in advance
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